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Several Details Of CNA Resume

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First of all, keep in mind that your resume should include main three parts: your work history, your education and your skills. And make sure to mention in a few sentences about what your career goals are.

Your career goals are a good point to start your resume with. What kind of work you are trying to get? Is it specifically CNA employment? What benefits will you bring to your employer after starting working for him or her?

While talking about your skills, reveal all of your skills that are related to you working as CNA and about your character and personality. Explain if you can work along well with other staff; tell about how organized you are and if you are a friendly and sociable person. Mention about your computer skills or you proficiency in working with any special computer programs that might be useful and applicable to the job you will possibly have to do. Try to think just about any skill that can be helpful in a job that you are looking for and mention it in your resume.

When you get to your education part, it’s time to put in the information about the school or schools that you graduated. Remember to include year of graduation and name of the CNA school. Also include all of your diplomas, degrees and certificates for each course of study that you have taken.

Certified Nursing Assistant with a rich education history has much better chances to get a better and higher paying job.

And finally a few words about your employment history. This is a point when you need to show at least a few last places of employment. If it is a too long story try not to mention jobs that are not fully applicable to the job you are seeking for.

But keep in mind that such gaps in your employment time may cause your potential employer ask you about what you were doing at those time periods.

While listing your previous employers, include your employment periods, your tasks and responsibilities, the company names and contacts. And be ready to give a reasonable answer why you quit working at those places of work.