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Suggestions Needed-For Your “Career Change” Resume

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You do not know how to write a resume that highlights your clinical experience of last year, but give credit to all the valuable work experience to others that you’ve had to date.It is not necessary to list all their experiences in nursing school in your resume. Includes only those who are directly related to the job you are applying. In general, rarely justified the inclusion of the experiences of more than 2 or 3 students in your CV. People who read know that each nurse is turned med / surg, maternity rotation, psychedelia, aggregates, etc. So unless something really special that is unique to say what others are doing nursing students will be allowed your CV.

If you also want a complete list of clinical research, student projects, etc. … the best way to address this is to make a separate list on a separate page. Reconnect. And your resume, say something like, “See attached list of student experiences” a personal note to you in nursing education. Extend the reader does not get bogged down in a big list of activities for students of routine … but not seen, if he wished. In addition to helping a particular students experiences that do not put your resume stands out because they are not buried in a large list of lesser value the experience of students.

Regarding your previous job … They might say something of the experience “20 years of experience in the XYZ field, including experience with ….”Then I’d probably list your employers, your seniority (to see stability) and perhaps 1 or 2 line statement saying that the weight of each job.

I would not be afraid of a 2-page resume … but if it happens at 3 or 4 pages, then you need to shoot more. Once again, you can write your paragraph short summary “20 years experience in XYZ field, including experience with …” and then say “See the attach list for a complete employment history” and append a list of all employers with a brief statement of what each job added.

Using the tools in this way, you can always have a brief summary that highlights attract the attention of the examiner … but the most complete information available for those who want to see.