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Telling You How To Add To Resume

December 17, 2010 by  
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I’m going to do with my CNA class July 17 and I want to find a job on July 17 or earlier. What skills do I put in my resume?

Seriously, if you are looking for CNA position, in particular LTC facility, please do not use it again. Go to the map and fill application.Since’m taking my site I did not even see it. I got to tell them to fill out an application and go from there.

As a side note, the only previous experience, I think, “great” to be a CNA is a CNA) elsewhere (HHA not because they are skilled nursing) b) the military / police / EMS / fire or something affected by severe depending on the team, they just get it and tend to have better work ethic .. most of the time. I avoid like the plague and the young larvae do not use it past my first glance. Education is really not a lot to me because education does not really indicate.

So if you want to make your CV look better … Focus on team spirit, work independently, multiple tasks and priorities. Ability to monitor and / or lead. They are very important. The important thing is to have taken the initiative to come to the facility to know who I am, know the application process and after this process. Fax or submit a curriculum vitae and usually end up exhausted with CV in the trash.