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Thank You Message Example for a Nurse Position

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Here is a Thank You Letter for a Nurse Interview example you can send (via email or mail) to the person who interviewed you for a nurse position.

If you are sending an email letter, there is no need to include your return address or your contact’s address. List your contact information in your signature.

Dear Dr./Mr./Ms. Last Name:

I appreciate your taking the time to speak with me a second time regarding the position of Staff Nurse. Thank you for your continued interest in the skills I believe I would bring to your organization.

My nursing experience is extensive, and as we discussed at length during our meetings, I have worked in several environments very strongly similar to yours. I feel that I would fit in well, and be an asset to your staff.

It was a pleasure to meet with you, and I appreciate your continued consideration as a candidate for this position. I am looking forward to hearing from you soon.


Your Name

Your Name

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