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The Basic CNA Job Description

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Descriptions Certified Nursing Assistant job (CNA) may not only vary from state to state, but may also vary by type of facility standards and procedures and individual. CNA Executive are the hands, eyes and ears of the control office nursing and medical staff. The supervisor is usually the CNA nurse (RN) or Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) on duty.

A typical CNA to assist medical staff in various tasks such as transfer of the patient, and discharged patients also have to prepare the necessary documentation and medical records. They are responsible for raising or helping patients. During the admission of a patient, the ANC must ensure the health needs of the patient is compliant, and ensure that the surrounding are is clean and well ordered. The main responsibilities of the CNA are changing beds, feeding the patient, move and control the vital status of patients.

The conditions of work that CNA will be a bit boring. heavy lifting at times to move the patients. CNA may be exposed to hazardous chemicals at work. Susceptibility to infectious diseases is also higher. The work programs can be a bit different from someone waiting in the 9-5 jobs. Because of shifts in the nursing assistant may at any time of day or night. Most healthcare facilities do not allow a member of the nursing staff is a fixed time every day. Shifting should be changed every week. If you are considering a career CNA may feel that the work involved and I think that could make a little too hard for you.

CNA Job Description Examples:

  1. Remain calm and professional during times of critical need.
  2. Readily develop rapport with patients, staff and physicians.
  3. Proven record of reliability and responsibility.

Nurse Health Care Clinic, Chico, California 2003-2006

* Responsible for the direct patient care.
* Demonstrated the proper use of equipments, knowledge of medicines and taking care of the wounds to the patient and their families.
* Responsible for the regular checkups, medication and report making of the patient
* Responsible for the 10-bed unit.

Nurse National Hospital, NY, 2006 – Now

* Offered complete patient care comprising of cauterization, motion, I&O, and tube feeding
* Accountable for upgrading the chart info, including the ones for vital signs
* Carried out treatment for wounds using aseptic methods.