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A New Nurse-Adapt To Your New Position

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A little insight with psychology and confidence. Smile, looking as if you have a pleasant personality. When approaching a person, smile and say hello. Introduce yourself to staff, including support staff. I know you are so self-conscious and overwhelmed that frown on your face is really not about you, but ……… that’s what everybody sees you.

Do not be afraid to ask for help to find things or ask questions about politics. Thank you for their help and no excuse for not knowing anything … focus on the beautiful person who helped you in place, and they are ready to help again in the near future.Identify your contact person / persons, head nurse and the secretary are two important sources of information.

Take notes, keep a small spiral notebook in his pocket, some of the things that you do not write so overwhelmed with information on the search for additional units of extensions of telephone equipment, computer sign and lock codes, the name of the teacher, the number of departmental managers to cancel the number, and any changes in your schedule.

Be honest with their teacher, what “you still be productive in this device.” There are daily “huddle sessions” the teacher, you feel like you’re doing and what you feel the need to improve.

Listen and take notes when the teacher feels like to tell you things that were not really aware of it. Sometimes it becomes too strong for a question and see the whole picture. Review these notes later, a coffee break during or after work.Remember we can all learn something from everyone when we all know that we’re going to lose and dangerous as a nurse.