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An Excellent Opportunity To Discover The Book As A Nurse Or A Care Work

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I want to talk today of a profession that seems to look courtesy of frustration at times. They are often regarded as simply a friendly face or simply a helping hand. I think our nurses worldwide. What is a nurse and what do they really? Well … They do a lot more than you think, and they tend to sweat before you even make breakfast. A nurse is a professional who is responsible for security and readmission of sick and wounded. Let me tell you it does not even begin to define what a nurse really. Not only do they work 12 to 18 hours straight on their feet most of the time and clean up what most of us could not stomach, but they do so with a smile.

Nurses in general are often stereo-written as these beautiful, angelic face, who walks around with a clipboard and ask the doctor. This could not be further from the truth, not some beautiful angelic face. They do things to patients that doctors would never dream of doing or want to do this. Did they get the respect they deserve? Absolutely not! Why? What is happening in our society because of our hectic lifestyle, behavior and even eager negative attitudes. The way we treat our nurses, nurses in particular emergency service, is completely ridiculous to say the least. You must understand that these men and women are here to help! It does not matter how old they are, where they went to school, how long they were there, what matters is how you respect them. Remember people, they are here to help, not to become a magnet for your hatred or overall rudeness.

We as a society have to change our view of the nurses together. We should not try to correct them as a Halloween costume that his neighbor was 20 at the festival last year. I have nothing against your clothing, just to emphasize the importance of their role. What I mean is that when you visit your local hospital and the nurse met us, show some respect. Forget all the stereotypes and what you think they should do, because I tell you, they know what they do. I have heard many stories where people go to visit the hospital and try to tell the nurse what he or she should do. Really? You went to nursing school? Do not yell at your bank teller, and they thought they could give their money differently.

You do not gripe about your child’s teacher about how their lesson plan is organized, and you? The fact is that we believe because we know everything about the beloved, we have that we can start the boat. We must show them more respect and gratitude for what they do because they do more than you understand.

Nurses are the backbone of our health system and often go unnoticed. They do things like never occur to a million years. Do you know what nurses really? They save lives! All tasks and things they saw, are only part of what they are and what they do. Are saving lives in more ways than one. Are educators, lawyers, and all health professionals. Without nurses, our health care system would simply be a failure. Plain and simple, would be a mistake and could not function without them.

Nurses are the backbone of our health system and often go unnoticed. Nurses are the true unsung heroes that we all recognize and admire for what they live every day for us all. They do not work Monday to Friday, no shift work normal from August to May and have no typical work day like most of us. Most people can expect your workday will be similar or at least have some kind of idea. No nurses, as usual for them is totally new and unexpected experiences. Remember that when you are in hospital in the next, waiting for the doctor. It is there, angry and eager to take their anger and frustration by the nurse, because I think we can. You have no idea that he or she has completed the comings and goings of countless trips to various parts of cleaning patients who have bleeding, vomiting and shouted at them.

Also I do not know that they did all this while missing lunch with their gut, and staying above their 12-hour shift, so they could greet you with a smile.

Let me ask you this? How many times did you go to work and leave with the greatest desire that you could do so much more. I mean the work suggest to you that if you only had a little time in your day (this is the third consecutive time after you have passed 12 hours), maybe you could have done or could have been happier do much more. Do you really want to do when you leave work? Guess what? And nurses do have this attitude, whenever they leave the workplace. They just held the hand of a toddler who had no hope of survival, because it makes the child happy and alive for a while, but they did it all with a smile on their face. Most of us get angry when we miss our lunch break, or we will not leave the court after eight hours.

I’m not a nurse, but I can honestly say that I love a lot, and I respect all the nurses going to fight every day. Battle? Yes, because he struggled so much on a daily basis. They are fighting among themselves, physicians, hospital management and, most importantly, patients and their families. They are better than us? No, but we need to see and understand what and how much they actually do. They felt like hand-holders and angels more, because most people do not want to hear all clean bedpans, vomit, urine, and who knows what else that had to be cleaned. Well guess what? They are on the one hand, and the holders of the angels, but they make a lot more than we know or give them credit. They are nurses. They are human beings. They have lives, just like the rest of us, to treat them the same respect as I want. Remember to cut them lose the next time you’re in the doctor’s office or hospital.

They are there to save lives and really make a difference in someone’s life every day. It is not just nurses, but they are the true heroes who have to stress, respected and appreciated. Make sure that you would like to thank a nurse today, or at least to know that matter.