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Austin ACC Graduates For CNA Career Story

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Students in Austin who seek CNA career may know about ACC. Lots of immigrates choose CNA as a start point to jump in job market. There are some of elective courses you can choose based on your interesting. For students who is not English native speaker may choose American literature, arts etc., to gain enough elective course credits.

ACC tuition is getting higher each year. I remember 2 years ago, each course was 300 dollars something. There is also a CNA training program good for beginner. It may be expensive but less time consuming. ACC does have a CNA training program at 1200 dollars. Good luck girls!

In fact, ACC is an expensive institution but compare to others. ADN is an option too but hard to find a nursing job compare to ACC graduated student. Most students may be dilemma when they study CNA. That is completely normal sense. What I concerned about were: right decision? right career orientation? I believe most students thought about that, especially when you do a bachelor degree and reach 60+ credits. Also family members may concern about risk of infectious disease from workplace.

The good thing was when I graduated from ACC I got a hospital CNA job in 2 weeks. Cheers!!!