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Beautiful Soul Nurse

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The nurses are young and old, large and small, thin and tall. We come from all walks of life. Some choose to enter the nursing profession for job security, others to help those around them. Throughout our school, we are taught and tested in the science of nursing. Our main goal is the ability to recall facts, to think about the future of the current situation and understand the interactions between the patient and the interventions we offer.

Elusive, however, widely recognized, the art of nursing is our ability to communicate with those around us. Only when we begin direct patient care that we realize the art of nursing. The word “art” can be used to describe the results of a particular job and the knowledge and skills necessary to perform this task. Like other art forms of fashion, nursing can be dramatic, inspiring, relaxing, funny, comfort, joy, and even sad. Nursing is also creative, existential, and has a particular rhythm. This link intangibles can create a healing environment that allows patients to participate fully in their own healing process.

My great-great-aunt, Mae was a nurse, the turn of the 19th century. Seven days a week, he pulled up his horse and buggy of medical care and comfort of his rural community. When a local veterinarian, was employed, it also helps take care of horses and cattle. He later became a psychiatric nurse, and still later, a nurse educator. Nursing her permission to travel, meet new people, and to give autonomy that most women could not be achieved at that time. Nursing him meant freedom and the ability to have its own personality.

Ma grand-tant Marge joins infirmière était dans la fin des années 1930. Elle a travaille d’abord dans un petit hôpital rural. Seconde Guerre mondiale Lorsque to the eclat, elle a large joins demenage dans ville aux soins pour les anciens combattants dans un service médical. Quand elle à condition que ces braves hommes avec les soins physiques, elle a également des évaluations effectuées et des interventions pour aider à leur douleur psychologique Soulages. Elle sentait are pauvre était à l’époque Guéra endommagés leurs esprits. Well that sa carrière s’est etendue sur plusieurs décennies et des soins infirmiers Spécialités diverses, c’est ce travail qui lui a valu le plus de joie et de Fierté.

My Aunt Marge became a nurse at the end of 1930. He first worked in a small country hospital. When World War II broke out, moved in a big city to attend a veterans medical center. As long as these brave men with physical care, which also has conducted assessments and interventions to help alleviate the psychological pain. She felt that her vocation at that time was to heal their damaged minds. Although his career spanned several decades and various nursing specialties, is this work that earned him the most joy and pride of great professional.

Cuando una carrera por my mind in enfermería, yo no sabia nada of Estonian. He trabajado in centros de salud de Atención desde que tenia 15 años y siempre supe that queria trabajar a cuidado del paciente of entorno. Aprende las tareas well as tapeworm that ejecutar cualquier trabajo that is the asignó. Pero mas que eso, yo podría comunicarme facilmente con mis pacientes más profundo a nivel de lo Esperabé that. Los pacientes están abiertos para mí that. Incluso has edad 16 años, tenia los pacientes mayores sobre addition temor de la muerte y morir conmigo – en busca consuelo of

Nurses teach, support, communicate, care for and coordinate patient care events. Nurses are patient advocates who give comfort and hope to our patients and their families. Arts nursing is in play when we just “when” what to do to meet the emotional needs of the patient when a patient to keep in his hand, touching his forehead, a joke or just s’ sit and listen. Most of these will be met simultaneously in each patient interaction.