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Burnout Never Disappears

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I now know how the depletion occurs. What is the death of the nursing profession. It occurs when compassion and was rejected by those who insist on inflicting nurses and patients in the care of moral depravity of torture without end.

Burnout begins with an oath taken on the roof of the pride and passion when you enter a new profession. Burnout begins carefully, which is a quality we hope that all health professionals possess. Burnout begins with hope, hope we can make a difference in the lives of our patients.

“I solemnly pledge before God and in the presence of this assembly to pass my life in purity and to practice my profession faithfully. I will refrain from what is harmful and evil, and not take or knowingly administer a noxious substance. I will do everything in my power to maintain and increase the level of my profession, and keep in confidence all personal matters committed to my keeping and all family affairs coming to my knowledge into practice in my profession . With loyalty I try me in supporting the physician in his work and devote myself to the welfare of those committed to my care. ”

I beat all aspects of the oath in my business to take care of my patients. My life is not pure. It is linked to the misery they broke, I like. I can not faithfully practice. When my patient was asked six months of death and the end of the round monotonous routine dressing changes and oral care, I miss my faith. I have more faith that my patient will live a meaningful life.

I do not have abstained from evil and malicious. Many of the treatments prescribed for endless ephemeral as the rules of imperial management and standards, trying to keep the legal position of the hospital will bring harm to my patients. I place the backbone torsion angles, which restrict breathing and can lead to stiffening limbs cushion soles and heels and hands. I am with bloody mouths mouthcare routine no matter how soft sponges.

I will try to maintain and increase the level of my profession to my intelligence, my compassion, and the eternal search for information. I am a gourmet twist treatments spider weaving the web. If a part fails, the web is. I have to manipulate the system to each institution, a symphony of drugs to try to create a harmonious whole. And when the doctor called me crazy bed manager, or if the doctor says all my tasks are so easy that a monkey could take care of them, I smile and inner strength, because I know that the doctor did not even know how to operate the pump to dispense the medicine, and have the ability to use I took the pharmacopoeia of remedies.

I’ve broken trust with families. I call reality. Has the big picture. I commented on the quality of life and last wishes. I talk about death with dignity. I address these issues are so taboo for us. It gives me hope. I agree with you. I honestly. I give my heart and gave me my tears. I can not confirm a painting by a patient service of hope and recovery if experience and statistics tell the truth my heart. I can not support a physician stating that a patient leaves my intensive care unit, where he is so weak he can not move a finger, and can only move his head without reducing care. I can not do what my conscience and my heart to guide me.

I have limited loyalty to the doctors. I can not stand dishonesty. The doctor is no longer the master of management during healing. It’s my job to question, demand, and upon request, to come between the doctor and patient when decisions are not well made or when decisions are against the will of my patient.

Part of my oath that I have firmly maintained the best of my ability, that I devoted myself to the welfare of those committed to my care. I took care of my patient and my family more than I wanted for myself. I was the object of ridicule on the behalf of my patients. I, despite the great fear, even risked my career to defend the patient’s wishes, by addressing the patient’s behalf.

And now, when he lost another battle on behalf of my patient, I feel as a nurse in me is dead. The spark that lights my way of healing and Flame, directed by my intentions were burned to ashes in the aftermath of the flood stole over me. They are morally and ethically corrupt tarnished and become a hollow shell.