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Caring People With Different Ailments

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Nursing includes the care of persons suffering from different diseases, the unconscious patient care is essential for nursing. It is very important for a nurse to have an understanding and knowledge of what is assigned to a particular patient, for example, the patient wouldnot be able to carry out activities of life as feeding.It is important for a nurse to know how and what to feed the patient. If the nurse does not know how to feed this patient may eventually develop complications such as aspiration pneumonia.Immobility is another problem, it is important that the nurse performs passive motion to prevent the development of contractures, and also increased its distribution to all parties the body.

It ‘also extremely important for the nurse to understand how a position on the patient, for its part, is the most popular to secure patent airway secretions allowing free discharge at the same time, it is necessary to monitor the accumulation of secretions and aspiration, if necessary, blocked airway prevents gas exchange and can lead to asphyxiation, and tissues to tissue death. It ‘also important for the patient every two hours to nurse the development of pressure ulcers can also be applied talcum powder to prevent pressure areas of the development of bedsores.

It is also important to monitor the state of hydration of the skin folds or in search of dry mucous membranes and control the entry and urine output.strictly monitor the amount, color and consistency before disposing of the urine that the patient can be tested.

Personal hygiene and care needs must be met, therefore, a nurse needs to give bed bath atleast twice a day and dress the patient clean dry clothes, clean his teeth twice a day.

Explain patient’s condition to the other meaning is very important to eliminate fears and get them to understand the patient’s condition that also promote cooperation in which you want to perform certain procedures.

It ‘s very important that every nurse working in fields that require intensive care, high dependency unit as sufficient information to assess and intervene appropriately should also be able to communicate changes in the patient for multidisciplinary intervention.

A nurse working in these areas should also be able to use the available material, such as a crash problem caused by respiratory secretions was found, and then the nurse does not know how sunction, can kill the patient, because the exchange Gas is vital for the body matabolic process where the need for skills in the use of different equipment available for this parameter.

Units both high dependency or other unit for critical patients need sufficient staff to monitor the patient also requires adequate supervision of a nurse responsible for ensuring that patients receive quality care.