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CNA Job-Dedicating Your Love And Patience

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I started doing the work of the CNA long before you have to be certified, and earned my certification because it was mandated in Texas. Wow, I feel so old!

It’s hard work. You’re on your feet most of the time. This task will give you some much needed experience during your nursing career. It requires a lot of compassion and empathy.It has always been a rewarding career for me, and I am grateful to my experience as a CNA. It will definitely help me in nursing school. There is nothing like when a pt tell you how much they love and appreciate you for doing something so mundane as to bring some water to drink.

I loved working on the Alzheimer’s unit. These people Nice try your patience, but with that brings many smiles and hugs. Even when you’re at the bottom of elbow poo rewarding than knowing you made the last days of that person as best they can be.

It can be frustrating when the relationship of the nurse / pt is out of wack. Sometimes, administrators can get on your nerves past. You must remember that you are there for the pts. You’re the one has the slightest changes that can occur in these individuals. They can be very demanding at times, but always remember that these people were once young, vibrant and full of life. They have or had relatives who loved them dearly. I always treated my pts as I would have treated my parents or grandparents. They deserve this. Some of them are veterans and I am honored to have the opportunity to care for them.

You can learn a lot from these people. I once managed a nurse WW2. E ‘was great to talk to. He had been at Pearl Harbor. I treated a woman who was the assistant of John F. Kennedy. I was a man who was in France on D-Day. The list goes on and on. These people have so much to offer wisdom and advice.

I’m going with him e. Nursing is a passion for me since I was 10 years. My older brother broke his neck diving accident and I wanted to take care of him. Fortunately, he was not paralyzed. He calls someone to feed him and it was my job I have taken very seriously. We have tied up in that time and I knew what I was called to nursing.