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Dangers in the Field of Nursing

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Negligence can cost you everything, your work, hope, dreams, and especially your life. So, it is so important for people to be cautious and vigilant especially people like us in the medical field, because good health can be the best investment we have, so we can practice our profession well and efficiently.

Back in 2006 I was newly graduated BSN await the outcome of my exam board to be released. Meanwhile, I volunteered at a private hospital to improve my knowledge and skills and experience necessary to my job application to a larger hospital day, if you’ll take the test. I did not know that some unexpected things could happen to me during my stay here.

As a new graduate, I’m so eager to experience first hand the treatment of different types of patients without the supervision of an CI. I am very active in participating patients as interviews, administration of medications, taking vital signs and charting. I have wanted to do almost everything. During the period of 8 hours of my duty, I spent more time staying at the bedside. If procedures to do with patients, I offered to do, if I know I can. This is how enthusiastic and passionate as me during those days. My supervisor is so happy that I’m there. I met many patients with different diseases here as dengue, influenza, disease, malaria, PTB and traffic accidents to name a few. There is a particular patient hospital stay more than others because of the seriousness of his case. He was patient with chest tube for PTB.Because of the seriousness of his case, we monitor his vital signs more often and check proper tube placement. Sometimes I was allowed to make the change and cleaning of his chest tube. We are wearing PPE such as masks and gloves when we attend to its needs, and we also wash our hands afterwards. But there were times I forgot to wear a mask when I go close to the patient within the isolation room and under the V/S, I do remember that the door when I’m on the end point. So careless of me huh. It is my routine every day. Although it is tiring, it still feels good inside to see my patient reached out to me for all their problems, as if I can resolve all, haha. But most of it, simple gratitude brings much joy in my heart. I really felt satisfaction in helping to care and treatment. And I always end up in tears every time I hear their real TY.

Although I am committed to my work, I also pray daily positive result of my board exam. Then came January 15, 2007, is my day of rest a bit,I know this is one of the happiest moments of my life because I learned that I leave the exam. As expected, my family, relatives and friends were so happy for me. Also, when you know that I did, I’m seriously beginning to plan what I’m going to do next. I know this is the beginning of a new level in my life. I told my parents that I’m going to start looking for a real job to help them financially. Then finally, seeking a job abroad after having enough experience for me to go to work abroad. I was hoping that my parents hoped that I have, which helps them to escape poverty and help the other brother at school too.So I promised to do everything to fulfill my dream, because I do not want to be happy and I do not want to disappoint them. But my grandmother, who has an office in Australia has other plans for me. He wanted to take IELTS, because it is going to get there. So I said, “this might be the first step to the fulfillment of my dreams so be it”. Then I went into town to check my IELTS. But there are unexpected things that happened along the way. I have no review should be the day because any delay in funding to help my grandmother. Perhaps the misunderstanding took place between me and my grandma. I was disappointed and frustrated, so I will continue my review, but I’m trying to find work here and abroad, because I wanted already have to help my family financially.

I have no regrets about the hospital here in town and at the same time continue to jump from various agencies to work abroad. And fortunately, I had the chance to interview and examination for a job abroad. So I treated my papers necessary for such as passports and permits of my documents and I finally undergo medical examinations. After my med exam, I was so happy because it was based on the situation I’m about to start realizing my dreams, even if it is not as accurate as I expected. But anyway I am happy and satisfied with the way things happen.

But the worst that will happen, because one day, my agency contacted me and informed me that there is a problem with my medical exam. So I went to the clinic where I took my test to see med. I still remember exactly what the employee told me about the results.“I am sorry Miss, you’ve got Undetermined PTB Activity on your X-ray, and you need to consult a doctor”.I was stunned for a minute and did not know how to react, so I just got the result and leave the room speechless. When my mind completely sink the indication of this problem, I said, "You can not because you feel all the signs and symptoms and am in good health Maybe just a mistake. I’m at a stage of denial. Then Next thing I know, I’m in a church on their knees, crying and asking God “Why me Lord? What now? It’s not fair? How will my parents react if I’ll tell them? Surely they will be as hopeless as me.” I do not know what to expect in the future. I felt so devastated and pain relief over time. As if it is the end of my world.

Even my parents expect what I’m about to work abroad, I did not tell them immediately that I am not able to work abroad. Instead, I just told them that the result of my review has been delayed and that my visa has not yet been published. But I decided to inform them that there is a problem with my med exam and I have to complete a first drug. It also occurs in my mind that it might be better if I want to die than to live in this world useless. I was really so desperate that time, but I just realized that maybe God has a better plan for me that is why something happens. I began to hope again, besides I really do not want to lose hope because I am the only hope for my parents and I know they still need me.

Currently, I have a job, but I’m still hoping one day I can still work abroad. And I look back I know where I could have made my illness. It was during the day that I am so eager to learn without taking sufficient precautions to my health. I called my carefree day. While I regret the day I can not undo it, so I might as well leave everything to the grace of the Lord’s hand. I know he has a better plan for me.

The lesson I have is that good health is one of the most beautiful gifts that God gave us and we must do everything possible to preserve, because as I said carelessness could cost everything we have. And one more thing, not depressed. We must develop the virtue of patience. Always put in mind that God knows better than ever leaving our hope and faith soft despite many struggles and difficulties we have experienced. And finally, despite what happened to me, I still love my profession of nursing.I will never forget the good feeling that exists in me whenever I offer my care and assistance and especially whenever I am grateful smile of difficulty for patients to things I did for them. So to all the nurses there, never lose hope and faith, the processing of all the difficulties and struggles as motivation for you to achieve your goals in life against all odds. I know that this section of the mine is pretty boring, but when I finished writing this, you do not know how much I am happy to share that. And I know in my heart, I already forgot the pain I experienced. Thank you for reading.