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Do Infants Need To Drink H2O?

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 I know that we don’t give infants H2O in the hospital, but when do they need to start drinking H2O?In a normal child, they get all the fluids they need from breast milk or infant formula (which both have a very high concentration of water in them, after all). And he has a lot to do with issues in calories.

When the child starts eating solid, so it‘s a good idea to start offering a little water each day. It is also at this time they are slowly beginning to reduce their consumption of milk and, if. There will be those used for drinking water, and also helps prevent constipation.

I used to feed my baby in water less than 1 year, but only when constipated or when it was hot outside. He is a big water drinker now, in fact, prefers everything else, but I’m not sure if it’s because I started very young or simply because it is their choice.

Babies should not be given water. Even the watered-down milk or formula can cause severe electrolyte imbalances and led to death.Babies can start drinking small amounts of water when eating solid foods. The recommendations range from 6-12 months. Anything before that should be administered with a pediatrician about gastroenteritis or fever supervision.Babies are dehydrated or can not tolerate milk need electrolyte rehydration solutions. One option is oral Pedialyte.

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