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During Our Nursing College

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I was very bad in my days as a student in the College of Nurses. Do not follow the correct and uniform times, always late in our program during the clinic visit, do not listen to the label and, sometimes, instead of the right quality of nursing am going to spend my hours of service in a “complete bed rest”mode (eg sleep) … Once, during a clinical rotation of medical surgical ward, the doctor asked to voluntarily revise the CR (or heart rate) is an unstable cardiac patient. Willing to influence my supervisor because of my past evil that day (arrive 30 minutes late of our clinical rotation) … I am voluntarily made easy.

The doctor asked me to review the CR (heart rate), a full minute and to report to him immediately. So full of confidence and pride in my abilities, I went into the patient’s room. Unfortunately, during that time I do not know what the CR is the nursing profession. But I know one thing, the Philippines has a different meaning from the initials CR: Comfort Room. Now, instead of controlling the number of heart patients, I went directly into the room to comfort the patient and evaluated his toilet bowl for 1 minute to see if it works for 1 minute properly.After “proper assessment”, I got a sense of performance to get someting out of nothing and I’m imagining at the time that my clinical instructor prooud me and my mistakes of the past has been forgotten.

After arriving at the nursing station, the doctor asked, “Is my patient’s CR (cardiac rate) okay?”. I told him in a down-to-fact “Doctor the patient’s CR (comfort room) is A-okay, the toilet is flushing and you could use it if you want too.”Having said that I noticed that the doctor, my bandmates and most nurses make fun of me and my clinical instructor face is flushed with shame and anger.My clinical instructor to slip on one side of the room and told me that the doctor responsible for the control (Cardiac Rate) RC is not his patient CR (Comfort of the room). So because of this incident, I spent four hours over the payment in the service during the day that my payment for my shadow and I have been known in our class graduation as “Mr.C.R.”

The rest of the examinations for the care of common abbreviations (eg cebum ante Ac =? Before the meal), we were asked the importance of BP CBR (complete bed rest without bathroom privileges). did not know that is what BP stands for … And I said, the CBR s BP = blood pressure without complete rest ….