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Every Person Accountable For Their Actions

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I am a registered nurse, and especially enjoy my work. Today I had to attend a class that has touched a chord. A large nerve, in fact, that led me to a blog, organize my thoughts about it. The class was on the prevention and management of a patient or a visitor who is growing to the point of verbal and physical abuse. We have all been trained to recognize anxious behaviors that can lead to violence and defuse the crisis. For example, say that man (free of mental illness) who has a sore toe starts screaming in the waiting time and throws a chair against the wall a picture frame cracking. The nurse was able to calm him. The man took control of himself and become very very very bad about his behavior, and the nurse said ohhhh, that is okay.

Then all discussed that maybe does not like hospitals, which had a bad day, maybe he lost his job, maybe someone stole your parking space, maybe I should be somewhere important, maybe he is getting a divorce, maybe its the economy, maybe it was abused as a child, and perhaps we should all be sensitive to all that the patient goes through …. At the time I thought maybe I should have checked first, maybe he should have been stopped by the destruction of property and risk the safety of nurses and others in the waiting room and perhaps should be responsible .

I spoke and I expressed my opinion that each other funny. A social worker is of the opinion that indicates the exact opposite .Sometimes people have trouble controlling themselves when they have a crisis, sometimes we do not know what they live. Therefore, anyone who says it is OK to mistreat other ill-treatment / when going through hard times? I told him I completely empathize with those who attack / bad day / whatever your problem, but that does not excuse the abusive behavior. The social worker and continued to defend their views on a variety of forms, while others just laughed at me. They said:Yes, would not it be good if everyone was theyre accounts, hahaha. I could not believe it!

Of course, everyone should be accountable for its actions, I do not care what anyones excuse, because no matter! You can not tell a cop I know I am driving while intoxicated and a danger to everyone on the road, but I lost my job and got into an argument with my son before today. Your always going to jail, right? same effects occur in a hospital, well …. Sir, I regret that you lost your job and got into an argument with his son, but this is not the problem. Aloud not always throwing chairs and yelling / threatening to anyone for any reason. And now you’re sorry? That’s great, but still have to pay the consequences!

Health workers were told to leave the problems at the door, take a walk, or talk to someone if they have a difficult time. Why not put all these standards? I intend to keep each person responsible for his actions. We need to change the culture of this idea, especially in hospitals. I think this is the best contraceptive.