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Finding A Ideal Nursing Job

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Since graduating with my degree in nursing and approved by the Council, I was already a difficult time getting a job. I was applying for a job of nursing in almost all hospitals and clinics in Manila for almost 2 years, in my curriculum vitae, including all my strength, but it seems I’m having trouble finding my luck.

Last year, I had the opportunity to respond to an examiner who has just one year ahead of me. I was really surprised how he taught his students. I am a big fan of nursing examiners have the ability to actually draw the attention of their students. I am excited to be critical of myself. I think teaching is what I really like. So I started looking for ways to get to teach nursing.

Be a clinical instructor or teacher of nursing is a new option for nurses here in the Philippines. Work is relatively high compared to pay as a nurse in a hospital. The requirement of being a teacher of nurses is about 5 years of clinical experience and, of course, have a masters degree in nursing.

While being 5 years of continuous clinical experience necessary to get a job in nursing, educational institutions here in the Philippines loosen their belts a bit. I was able to look at schools that required only 6 months to 1 year of clinical experience and 18 units of graduate study. I tried to use in these schools, but I was not qualified because of lack of experience.

Currently I continue with my graduate degree in nursing, while looking for a hospital where I could get my clinical experience. Hopefully I’ll be able to get a job after my endeavors.Although have a career in nursing seems to be a promising option to acquire shares in the Graduate School requires a great effort. Being in Graduate School, students must be as independent as possible from the teacher. The teacher is there to guide all students. Students are the ones who will do all the work. There are many reports and tons of paper works.

Being a graduate student also means that you are an intense investigation that could take months or even years. Although some may consider that in the Graduate School, as “toxic” environment, for me, I’m having a lot of fun.I I love the way lessons are taught in graduate school, where students are given a greater freedom to talk to everyone, and there is a continuous flow of thoughts and ideas of students and teachers.

As I do, that graduate school is once again a jump in the level of professional discipline to fully understand the dimensions of a particular discipline, in my case, is no cure. I can say that the graduate school opened my mind to be a lot more opportunities and problems in the world, only about Nursing.In years from now, I hope I get to receive the title of Master of Arts in Nursing (MAN). At that time, I have a title name. For me, it’s not just the title of Conti, but what have I done to bring the discipline of the profession through my studies.

Having a graduate degree is not only edifying your qualifications, among others, but to develop a scholar in you that you will make a change for the benefit of the discipline. I can say that the experience and training, a nurse true, that could lead to a constructive development, will certainly be born.