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Gaving A Girl Special Care For The Rest Of Her Life

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A young girl dies of cancer I wanted to give her a kiss goodnight and tell her bedtime story before dying. It changed my life.

I thought I would share this touching story with you. I work in Palliative Care / Oncology / General Medicine and work plans for the most nights.We patients are mostly elderly, but we have some younger guys, who are our earth as well.

It is one special little girl who touched my heart. The nurses on the floor warned me that she had not slept all night and never stops ringing the call bell. It occupied one floor, so I knew it would be a long night. Well this particular night, I was very busy, and of course this girl rang constantly. No matter what I did it just kept ringing the bell. I finally asked to leave after 20 time to ring the bell, why she was not asleep. She has cancer and is in pain, and most of the time she just wants to adjust the bed to a more comfortable position. She said she could not sleep. Well surprise I already knew. I sat on the edge of his bed and asked what I could do to help him sleep. I asked if she had nightly rituals, which she used to do at home that helped him sleep. She said that her mother told her a story and give him a kiss good night for him to sleep.

So I told a story and gave her a goodnight kiss and of course the rest of the night, sleep and do not ring the bell call! This continued the following year night I had. I want to tell a story to kiss goodnight and fell asleep.

Well his cancer worsened and a few days ago he was dying. I was on the floor that night and not him as a patient. Just as he was about to escape her mother came to his office and asked the nurse who told his daughter stories every night to make him sleep. The nurses all said I was. Just finished my round and saw his ranking in the reception I expected. I asked if he could tell a story, even if your daughter has fallen into a coma. His mother started telling me that her daughter loved my stories, and before she went into a coma ever asked me to change the night to come and tell a story. I was busy, but I knew I was going to help the mother of the patient feel more at ease to give this last request of his daughter.

I entered the room, sat on the edge of the bed of her daughter and began to tell the story of her daughter’s favorite princess and the dragon is asleep. As I told the story I held the hand of his daughter, and I could see her daughter struggling to breathe. Just when I had the end of the story when he heard his last breath. I got up and kissed her forehead, as usual, he had made, and he died instantly.

I was glad I took a moment from my restless night to give a final request for such a sweet little girl. It was difficult and I cried.