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Goals Of Nursing Care For Newborns

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The main goal of neonatal nursing is the promotion and maintenance of homeostasis or balance in the body. Purpose of the treatment of the newborn are: the creation and maintenance of airway, maintaining a stable body temperature protection from infection or injury and provision of nutrition and the promotion of the child and parents ‘attachment’.

Oropharynx and nostrils was aspirated with a pear when the head is delivered. To prevent aspiration of amniotic fluid or mucus. pharynx is cleared first. So the nose. The bulb is compressed before insertion to avoid forcing the secretions in the airways. Trap mucus can also be used. The doctor inserts a tube end in the mouth and the other end into the mouth. The air is then removed through the pipe, creating suction at the other end. Slim is trapped in the reservoir in the middle of the pipe. By Lee mucous trap is a simple and effective method for collecting a sample uncontaminated.

If you require more stringent removal of secretions, mechanical suction is used. Use the correct size suction catheter and the right technology is important in order to prevent damage and swelling of the mucosa. Gentle suction is prevented by a reflex bradycardia, laryngospasm, cardiac arrhythmias and vagal stimulation. Suction must be done for about 10 seconds, so that the depletion of oxygen in the baby.

When a child is fully born and suction out the status of the child, which facilitates the drainage of secretions, such as lying on the side or abdomen with his head slightly lower than the chest. Gentle pats on the lungs provides a form of percussion with postural drainage. Some delivery rooms in the stomach is lavaged routine (sometimes with mucous De Lee trap) to remove amniotic flid which can cause swelling and interfering with the creation of respiration.

A proposed schedule for monitoring vital signs at birth is normal every 15 minutes at least 1 hour every 2 hours during the next 8 hours, every 4 hours to 24 hours old, then twice daily until discharge. However, any change in the child and the color of muscle tone, or behavior requires more frequent monitoring of vital signs.

Maintain body heat of the newborn is an important goal of nursing. It requires an understanding of the causes of heat loss, mainly evaporation, radiation, heat conduction and convection. Nursing is based on the prevention of such occurrences.

At birth, a major cause of heat loss is evaporation, heat loss by moisture. The amniotic fluid that bathes your child’s skin promotes evaporation, especially when combined with the cool of the delivery room. The evaporative heat loss is reduced by rapid drying of the skin and hair with a towel and place the baby warm in a warm place.

Preservation of body heat newborn is an important goal for nurses. It requires an understanding of the causes of heat loss, especially for evaporation, radiation, conduction and convection. Care based on prevention of these accidents.

At birth, the leading cause of heat loss through evaporation, heat loss through the humidity. Amniotic fluid that bathes the pain of the baby’s skin to evaporate, especially when combined with the cool atmosphere of the maternity room. The heat loss through evaporation is minimized by a fast-drying skin and hair with a towel, and the child may be in a warm environment.

Heat loss can also occur by heat conduction and convection. The cord involves the loss of body heat due to direct contact of skin with a cooler solid object. This can be minimized by placing the child in a padded surface of the terrace and providing insulation through clothing and blankets in place by placing the baby directly on a board. Place the baby very close to his mother in his arms or the stomach is physically beneficial in terms of heat preservation and promote maternal attachment.

Convection is similar to run, unless inspired by the loss of heat from the surrounding flow. For example, placing a child in a direct flow of air from the fan or air-gap results in a rapid loss of heat by convection. Transportation Baby Crib is solid sides to reduce the flow of air around the child.

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