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Having Survived The Trauma After The Trauma

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After several days of work areas and a regular ER triage, I worked as a nurse with trauma yesterday. My first patient was a head on MVA. It came with a facial laceration that had beaten an artery and a fractured left leg obvious to all by the angle of his right leg is the mother. He was able to answer our questions for the first few minutes and seemed to be a “routine” trauma to stop arterial bleeding, fracture and then analyze the strengths from head to foot s make sure no hidden internal injuries. About 5 minutes from our heart kids routinely stopped and tried resuscitation for half an hour. We tried everything in our power, including cracks in the chest and to defibrillation and cardiac massage (when the MD attending actually put his hand on his chest and manually point “bombs” of the heart) .

When the MD finally “adopted” a nursing student I have been precepting for the whole weekend lost and ran away crying.

It is a sad process after a time code to clear the trauma center. There is debris everywhere, most often covered in blood and other bodily fluids. There are traces of blood on more than 20 team members tissue trauma around the PT and the other in frenzied dance to object to life against death. Blood is usually several brass instruments around cracks in the chest, clamp the arteries, by inserting the breathing tube and many other life-saving procedures, such as a toolbox of medieval torture chamber was upset and abandoned. Pieces of paper and plastic when closed sterile precious instruments, blood products, drugs and junk countertops, floors, car code, the surfaces of the airways and respiratory symptoms trash detention. blood-soaked clothing on the remains broken or cut by us in a heap on the floor of a few.

Since this patient is a matter coroner, there are different sizes of plastic tubes protruding from the patient, which can not be removed. Breathing tube splatter bubbles of gas begin to form immediately post-mortem give the illusion that something of the life of this patient can still recover. Like so many others after the death pt I find myself looking closely at your body goes without signs of breathing, something in my brain knows that human understanding is not only going to happen, I wonder if I can not prove a miracle.

Any person who is not considered directly responsible for patient care begins to grind, some still talk to each other, some are still shaking his head, some are already laughing about something stupid that was happened during the mad rush in the only way people who usually deal with this kind of thing can do. Now, the feeling in the room has changed. The pace slows down, relaxes your inner focus and can be more than the immediate moment and the immediate task at hand. Each team member in their own way, which makes the events of the last 45 minutes. Some wonder if they could have done something different, made a competence better or faster, has called for a speech before. Some have left behind them and move on mentally as quickly as they do physically. Some are angry, others sad, some companies after their mission of death.

Tenants, my nurse, our patient representative, chaplain and myself go in the little room where four people afraid gathered to wait for word of loved ones. The priest is the last person to enter the room. What I noticed first the eyes, already shows signs of being somewhat overwhelmed by the situation and many of us will speak of them begins to grow in horror at the sight of chaplain in his familiar black shirt and white collar. Two of them, our older patients, put their hands in their mouths. The woman who is the wife of our patient, said: “It is bad is not it?” And living in a calm voice, quiet and compassion begins telling the story. He did a fantastic job where others have bungled badly, and give us the time for family to absorb the initial impact of the blow of his words.

Eventually, we will take them to the patient’s skin begins to mottle in some places, but still bleeding wounds to the face. This was a concern that I had never seen this happen so badly before, and of course the family did not understand at all. As I did in the past they are looking for other signs of life, said again and again, that this was not the right one, and could not have happened. One by one starts out with “The attention to detail,” as we call it the business of death. They must decide whether the patient’s body to spend his last days on earth, which is buried in a coffin dressed as it is.

The nurse comes to me and told me I did a great job for the code and respect for the family. I thanked him and the tears begin to flow. Push me and thoughts of what just happened at the corner corner of my head and return to the scene to continue my part time job.Thankfully, trauma bays spend most of their time empty and are a haven for many of us need to move away from the rest of the madness in the main emergency room. It’s just different after losing a patient, who awoke and is relatively young and died so unexpectedly. The berries seem to not only empty, but I’m sorry.

I really remember of the “war zone” famous for a short period until all traces of the tragedy bleached sponge, and garbage removed. Then, within minutes, so a little surreal everything seems normal again and you can almost believe I was last night dream.As home and got into bed with my husband, I pulled over and thank God we have had at least one more night together. I had already tested in children to ensure they were also on this side of life. I can almost feel my skin tighten a little when I rise today to face the new day. survived the trauma after trauma, and come back for more.