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Honestly Caring About Our Children Dying

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He died about 6:00 last September 23 to his death certificate indicated the syndrome of herniated disc is in a couple of weeks and the mechanical ventilator and a non-progression GCS 3

Indeed, one of the sweetest I’ve treated since being transferred from the payroll service. Not once, complained about all the distress and discomfort of needles (as I remember, as it does when scolded injected), or that he complained at the time, was on NPO little more than a week operation takes place. I lost and the smile that flashed every time he passed near his bed (when I was still awake and the operation had not yet occurred). I missed how I offfer his lunch without knowing his mother and, finally, put it in his pocket next to my empty syringes and dirty scissors. I missed her softer, and all the countless times he gave me chocolates.

It was only nine years. Who knows what crazy dreams he had and how I was going to pursue those dreams? His parents and his brothers probably know all the dreams I wanted to be – but none of them knew that life would be a life that was short lived.

I know I was immature and unfair, because when I told a friend: why children like Ian must be the only one to experience this comprehensive review? Why not children in the street who was sniffing “rugby” suicidal or those who wanted to die first? They conducted their lives to an end, have not they? I know they also have the same shot at life, but I think it would be much better if it was not Patrick or H. or C. (All of which were diagnosed to have brain tumors and who underwent brain surgery and developed complications at some point). These children deserve a childhood, I reviewed the genre: climb guava trees, splashing in mud holes that run around during a rain, chased by dogs and play “patintero” under a clear moon. Or just have a life to come, to experience love, will be rejected or the thrill of bike riding.

Patrick Day is dead, I was prescribed for his uncle’s C. Patrick ‘asked me strongly not to let anything happen CC wanted to fully recover from, so that waste is what Patrick had fought. I could no longer hold back the tears then, but I could not hide my frankness: this is what I asked was impossible. As Patrick C. It was also the ventilation after the craniectomy, and he is very poor arousability stimuli.

I am not God, I am not able to heal or do something to stop their pain. (If I may, I must have done it myself a few times) I am not able to make them feel numb for a stabbing pain of needles. If I can, I will. But I can not. I can only touch their hands and let them know that I am there with them. I can only assure them that miracles do occur with God.

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