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How To Be Nurse Like Angels

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Nursing students always take note of nurses, they work with. Let their experience is good or traumatic, every day is always memorable. but we always remember those who have terrorized employees US.I can not remember a nurse, whom I regard as a terrorist, but has the greatest influence in my life and practice as a nurse … I do not really like that some nurse who is in his mid 40’s maybe. she seems really severe, and she always speak with authority, and as if each student about it is to make mistakes. in fact almost all students from different schools who are working with her, dislikes her.

One day a drunken woman pregnant, about 7 months pregnant was admitted to the labor room. workroom everything smelled of beer. on interviews, we learned that she used to eat at least 5 liters of beer each day throughout the duration of the patient is a G5P4 pregnancy.she. She has been married for 7 years to a drunk who has never been able to support herself and her children. Because of her problems, she left her husband and lives in the sidewalk with her 2 children aged 4 and 2.

when she was in labor on the sidewalk, get some bypassers in his opinion and took her to a public hospital. while the delivery room, nurses on duty did not give any words of encouragement. Instead, they are about the curse because of their practice.while on the delivery table, the nurses note on her because she can not grow a sufficient reason for drinking. when the baby was born, not to mourn and dusky.the color and nurses are alarmed, informed the nurse in the NICU department in the matter. Immediately, the nurse at Dr. Stern has introduced the newborn in the area of the newborn is about 7 meters. along the way, she has tried to stimulate the baby to give her a note.

After delivery of the placenta, DR stern nurse went back to the area of the newborn to check the status of the newborn. at the sight of the NICU nurse trying to revive the child, she returned to her mother, who is always on the delivery table. She informed the mother about her child, this time it did not condemn them, but with sympathy. quiet,she told the mother what happened.upon hear what the mother was crying and asking permission for her to see her baby. without realizing it, a tear trickled from the corner of the eye nurse. Immediately, she pulled the stretcher into an area where the mother can see the NICU nurses trying to revive her child.

Before the mother of wheels in the service of food DR nurse unlikely that the mother bought and received a warm blanket and covers her. She held the hand of love and the woman said,”have some rest now, for the mean time, we’ll take care of the baby for you”. I never expected to hear these words from the nurse at the county unlikely to really hate me a lot. but I heard with my ears. I never thought I see an angel in this nurse, but I did.For a while, I stopped to meditate. you can never see a perfect nurse. all the demands placed on our shoulders, sometimes not always meet everyone’s expectations of what should be a nurse. Infact, we are always misunderstood by our patients and their people.

Right now I’m already registered nurses, trying to find his place in the wide world of nursing. PACU now requires so much work for me. There are times I feel that I am not a good manager, but I’m trying hard to be the best I could. I just hope that I work with colleagues and student nurses, me.Even see an angel, even if we do not have wings, hands, it works perfectly well for our patients on our lips and in good faith by word and encouraging, and our heart, which swells and the love and concern for other human beings – they have enough evidence to suggest that there are angels in the form of nurses.