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How To Treat The Patience Carefully

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Working with the third amendment to the CNA Med-Surg floor was a good introduction to nursing for me. It taught me a lot of valuable experience, I could not learn in school. I learned to benefit from early passage med that a full evaluation at the beginning of change is necessary. I learned that it is best to call your doctor in 2200 vs 0200 I learned how important teamwork and how good working relationships with your peers can make it easier at night. Another important lesson I learned is that if a patient is going crazy, it is likely to occur between the hours of 6:00 and 10p. This lesson is to take to my funny story.

Years ago we had a gentleman who was probably in his 50s in this group of patients was the message of bowel resection OP IV lines, a new colostomy, NG, and a catheter in place. This man was recovering well with the only complaint was thirsty. This patient had a large loving family, which was probably his needs during the visit. 21-wife, daughter, sister and mother have given hugs and kisses goodbye, and the patient was tired of sleeping. 10:00, with vital signs were normal and the patient was at rest with eyes closed.

This takes maybe 10 minutes, when he heard the bed squeaking, the alarm goes off. Fri restlessness PRN order was Ativan, morphine was given. A nurse had done her best with the drugs was give.Finally after a few rounds of the game is named after RN told me to sit in the room with the patient, “just keep him calm and keep him in bed!!“

I check looks again to Bill, he is sleeping peacefully. I report to the CNA in reverse attention, he went crazy on us pretty quickly last night, so I let him know that I had to sit next to him and Pat his chest almost all night to keep calm . I come into work the next night at 19:00 and risk sharing room with Bill, I have eyes see light and enjoying a visit with his family, including his mother sweet. The bill is now just as alert and oriented than ever.