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Listening To The Voice Of An Elderly Patient

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After working in geriatrics for over a decade, is one of the most fascinating areas of nursing. Since all the normal changes that are physically combined with the human body and disease processes, psycho-social changes, it is very importantance that you get to know an old well. It is advisable to spend time listening to stories, even if it makes no sense for you. This evolving relationship. This means spending time to discuss and reassure the patient love and care for them and stay positive, welcoming and safe all the time.

It takes more time to understand the elderly patient has to work in all moods, and even demanding phases of withdrawal episodes. Explosion in the personal and aggressive behavior is often not what it seems or appears to be rather a cry for your love and attention and most of all a call for someone to come and sit to listen, really listen to your heart to what feel and relive that moment, he said.

The elderly, especially nursing home where you can become very jealous and bring to your attention, if for one second they think or believe that you are giving more attention to the OT time for another patient. So the next time the old man is the discharge of negative behaviors:

*Assess the situation
*Provides a gentle and affectionate words of reinsurance
*Do not judge, makes even the worst
*Calms your love after all that you are relating to it on a daily basis
*This is not a personal attack against you, but a cry for attention
*Body of walking and the look can make a different message, if you feel cold and distant
*Try wearing a reassuring smile, hold hands if possible and to remain *silent as long as possible and let them know you are listening to their vocation
*Hear the words of the unspeakable, “Tell me you love me, and I’m important to you”
*Do not take sides or judge or criticize in any way, what they really need is the assurance of your love
*Never tell them they are rude or misbehave in any way instead to assure them that everything will go well and things will work out

You can try to divert attention to something of a happy nature or an offer of something you know to solve and put in a better mood. You may request we can go for a walk outside and talk about it or if you can call it anything you’d like to do for you and follow as best you can in the interest of the patient. They like knowing they are doing and help them maintain their independence and individuality.

Listen with your heart and listen to the cry of your love and attention and caring manner and give all you can and be consistent. No matter what your mood is like an elderly patient health care and the caregiver must remain professional at all times and wear that smile, say these words of love and show love, no matter what.