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Medical Errors Are Something We All Have To Worry About

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I took this medication errors during my first month of training in the hospital. I was assigned to the medical / surgical / pediatrics at the hospital facility. We have 38 patients at the time and we are only 4 nurses in the service, dengue haemorrhagic fever was at its peak … So in short, was a duty toxic. I was assigned at that time for vital signs and another nurse was assigned to the drug. It was for a new doctor for our patients, which was to integrate BNC or benutrex c. I was not able to read the doctor’s prescription and has not been assigned to the drug. The nurse assigned to him, has prepared the medication and asked me to give the patient without any instructions, just say it gives the patient. I was looking for the drug card and said that there were none to order. So without hesitation I gave the medication, but I got through IV push.

The patient responded when the drug hit the vein, because she said it hurt a little so when I returned to the nursing station, I said to my head nurse, “The patient s is hurt a little when I took drugs’ when asked why. I said, “I pushed the drug IV” and it all started there.

My mother called the supervisor’s office to report the incident. hen I was so nervous that something might happen to the patient because he did not agree. So what I did was to monitor each of its 15 minutes to ensure nothing happened to the patient and even check whether developing allergies, but found after reading the negative skin tests. I was so scared during the quarter of all and I wondered, why did … I vowed never to give a drug that I have prepared. I took the responsibility for this error, and even offered that I do an incident report.

Only a few weeks ago (I worked in the hospital for almost a year), I’ve heard negative things about her again, she wanted to hit me in the face, because he got so annoyed, I believe him. I said, I do not do anything bad to her, she did not even know me and I do not deserve what they’re doing to me, I have to defend. I had to keep my patience for months and this time it went too far. I went to train as a nurse and deal with him, I can say I made a scene there. It was not my intention, but the nurse told me that I was rude to the discussion ended in a loud voice.

After the incident, the nurse that I faced was to talk to our supervisor that I deliberately made my incident report explaining my side, why I’m angry. We ended up with a solution to our director of nursing services. I told him everything I stand before the nurse had the courage to deny it, she told the principal she did not know why I was angry against her. But when I expressed what is in me, she was caught because she told the principal that she was not only laughed, but everybody. The director told him that medication error is not a joke, but a thorny issue because it can be fatal. Before the director, has reconciled us but I know of staff director on the outside, when I was hatred in his heart. Confront the nurse is something I am not proud, but I really have to defend myself. I felt that I have humor, but if I did not do something that will haunt me. I have done professionally.

Lesson learned: If someone makes a mistake does not mean the rest of her life she will make mistakes. This is the way to learn. Do not judge a person based on first impressions. You do not need to love the person personally for you to be able to agree with the workplace. There is overwhelming evidence that the highest level of self-esteem, it is more likely to treat others with respect, kindness and generosity.