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Nurses Helping Nurses

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When I wrote the original article and my decision to have reconstructive surgery 17 years ago, died of breast cancer (“Quest For Girls’ is published on this site) the preliminary work has been done. Now it was time for me to complete the final phase of the project should be all new and I have the final restoration. This experience has proved far more enlightening than my past experience in the surgical reconstruction of the original and I could not imagine how it has changed me both physically and mentally.

Check to find out what caused the procedure and promised results are far from brilliant, I felt sort of anxiety, feelings of restlessness that day. After giving health care for more than thirty years, no one would be a bit ‘the answer “different” for the patient and, frankly, is not something that most of us older nurses are good. No one really ever wants to be on this side of the coin, but we are grateful to colleagues in need.

Saying ‘goodbye’ and my best friend, who was my support through a person who calls the project, I saw my back for a nurse operating room to wait my turn. hour late, and a little ‘out of boredom, I found myself watching a different team or close. When I graduated from nursing school and graduated a second time for the RN program 17 years ago, my intention was to come, or nurses. I have looked in all the following strict protocols to verify and confirm the names of Allergy and procedures for each patient, and an unexpected feeling of jealousy and sadness came over me.

During the past 15 years, I put my heart and soul into positions of responsibility in the long-term care and every day has given me some to every one of my “special friends”. Rarely, if ever, had given much thought to what would have been different had tried the life for me a different set of circumstances … Perhaps cancer was not derailed, as such, I work all these years. This was little more than “punch” test of reality, and in a very unexpected.

When it was my time, things have not progressed as well as my nurse anesthetist expected. When the shot in my IV did not give me a nice glow, quickly talked to her and to the wheel to the operating room. I was awake and had to be in the distant land of Louisiana A quick assessment revealed that my IV was not clear, so when I came to a new room was placed quickly. During this process, a special care nurse did everything to make me feel comfortable, giving me kind words and explain the basics of what was happening around me I heard the mobile computer equipment configuration and makes me ready for surgery. I thought, “Wow! I am a nurse and I understand all these processes. I can not even imagine how you would feel an outsider at this time.”

This is a perfect example of why nurses a special role, because no one here or the team had no idea that I was a colleague. For them it was just a coincidence that they did their best to keep safe and return home through a surgical recovery. As the UPS emotional and down I felt that day, the nurse was there to help me in my experience and did a fantastic job. Why nurses, it meant the world to me, because the O as a layman, it meant everything.

A few days into my recovery process, my thoughts went to the surgical team often enough. “What if” is always something that is in my mind about my success as a professional, but in a few weeks, I returned to my “special friends” and my real world of nursing. When I look in the mirror I feel brand new and realize that although I always wonder, pain during this “what if” time has already begun to fade, and I truly believe we all have a purpose and sometimes find by destiny, sometimes forcibly.