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Nurses In The U.S. And Canada-High Professional Standards

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Many people probably know the experience of the United States with a shortage of certain specialists (such as cooks or teachers). However, what happens in the medical profession is not comparable to any other profession. Therefore, if you are a nurse with training abroad or know someone, you find this article useful.

Over the years, the United States has been a closed area doctors most foreign-born. Previously, the various rules required foreign doctors are U.S. citizens to obtain a work permit.

From 1976 to 1991, the immigration laws of the federal government prohibits foreign-born doctors to receive temporary work (H-1B visa) for the treatment of patients. Doctor in H-1B only allowed to teach or conduct research in the U.S. public educational institution or nonprofit or research or private body.

However, in 1991 Congress changed the laws so that a foreign context to get the doctors and get a temporary visa in order to obtain residence permits for U.S. physicians and patients to take.

To date, the number of nurses in the United States and Canada is obviously not enough and the population ages. Life expectancy is increasing and demand for nurses far exceeds supply, and continues to grow.

In 2004, the average annual income of a nurse in the U.S. $ 52.330 The whole family usually receives free health insurance.Availability of special secondary education is the main medical condition for the adoption of this program.

Fluency in English, plus a desirable state. Level, the greater the competition to prepare and pass a test in the U.S. (CGFNS / NCLEX) and training centers offer programs unique TOEFL.CNA to learn English and theses in cooperation with the institutions authorized to United States.

This improves the efficiency of learning, reduce training time, professional teachers, your teachers native speakers. daily contact with Americans is also a great language practice and virtually guarantees a professional job immediately after completing the course and passing the relevant examinations. The nursing faculty are represented by American Nurses with a major practice in the specialty hospitals.Teaching United States at the institute are conducted in English.

The training is designed for 6 months. formation process also provides a practical in hospitals and clinics.

After 9 months, all students are eligible for a work permit. In the future, all high school graduates are successfully employed by trained specialty.CNA training companies offer a complete service of accommodation, which includes airport transfers, rental or purchase of housing, professional advice on choice of district to stay, help buying a car, insurance, placing children in schools and colleges.