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Nursing Care Requires The Ability To A RN

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The nursing care requires the skill of a registered nurse in nursing administration, including observation and recording the reactions and symptoms and supervision of nursing care.  Total nursing care hours per patient day, RN nursing care hours per patient day, and percent of total nursing care hours provided by RNs are presented for April 2008 through March 2009.  Nursing aides employed in nursing care facilities often are the principal caregivers and have more contact with residents than do other members of the staff.

Residential care institutions and nursing care institutions Under A.R.S. § 36-411 (E), a person or contracted person providing direct care who has been denied a fingerprint clearance card or has not received an interim approval from the board of fingerprinting shall not continue to provide direct care.  Because some residents may stay in a nursing care facility for months or even years, aides develop positive, caring relationships with their patients. 

Home healthcare nurses  provide at-home nursing care for patients, often as follow-up care after discharge from a hospital or from a rehabilitation, long-term care, or skilled nursing facility.  Nursing homes are commonly referred to as nursing care facilities or long term care facilities.

SAFE WORKING HOURS FOR NURSES:  This legislation protects patient safety by eliminating pressure on nurses to work overtime beyond what they professionally believe to be safe for patient care because of the very real threat of losing their job.  However, it remains true that working too long whether voluntarily or by mandate is likely to detrimentally impact patient care.  Unfortunately, no good data exists today to provide us with accurate timeframes for safe nursing care.