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Nursing Home Changing Diapers

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This article, which everyone should read. The facts are these, that sometimes a nursing home and got to teach and train a new resident or patient is incontinent. How could this happen? How does something like this happening today? I’m going to write how it happens, for example, forty-five years old female patient came to short-term nursing home care.

At the hospital, the patient was not incontinent, has never had an accident and was able to sleep and to live without wearing a diaper, just like a normal world. Then the patient was transferred to a hospital to a nursing home will be good, so you can get a short-term treatment injury to his left foot. Would therapy, physical therapy, learning to walk again. Now he had one leg. As soon as he reached the nursing home, a nurse who would take care of him, asked him if he wanted to use the diaper. The patient did not hesitate to answer, because he thought that the issue is strange. After all, does not need a diaper, and he did not want to use diapers. Nurse proceeded to say things as well, if you have an accident. The patient was basically spoken kindly to wear diapers while in a nursing home, even though he had a better start wearing diapers cited his age because he did not need diapers.

As in all nursing homes and hospitals where patients wear diapers, they are told to go in their diapers. After all, what is on a layer, right? So this patient, sometimes just go in diapers, uses himself to go to the bathroom since she was wearing a diaper. What has been achieved it was easier to throw in the diaper, it was to get a nurse to come help him out of bed to assist in the toilet. The patient became increasingly afraid of falling and was made o think that the layer will stop falling and the layer would also stop the patient calling the nurse to help him on the toilet. After all, the nurse is happy because she will be the closer for emergencies and all.

But from the beginning with this particular nurse, who spoke in the patient wears a diaper, was patient and probably many other patients put in layers for the convenience of nursing home and not useful for patients. The patient was in his bed one day and the nurse was a bit saddened by what happened and the nurse convinced the patient that she had an accident. If so, the patient has not accidents, but the patient dumped in the coat because she wore a diaper, and because when patients rank for the help they had to wait and wait as a rescuer. family members witness how long it took a nurse to get there one day, just to change the diaper. Thus, the nursing home has so many conflicting messages to patients that patients end up confused, why the heck they were in diapers to start.

Often, nursing home patients are automatically diapers for convenience. Patients homes will lose their dignity – do not need diapers but are emotionally forced to wear diapers. This is a big, important thing that city officials need to investigate. And when the committee must understand that patients are reluctant to disagree with the nurses who care for them daily. Thus, if a nurse is also evidence that the patient has to wear diapers, guess what? This patient will be wearing diapers before you know it.