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Nursing Job-Actively Engaged In A Career

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Work can be a stressful place to spend eight to twelve hours a day. Perhaps we should remember to have some fun together!

According to recent statistics, the number one reason for nurses leaving their jobs is not what I suppose. It has nothing to do with rotating shifts, working weekends or holidays. It has nothing to do with the overworked, under staffed or are forced to float care units unknown. Nurses resign due to a problem with colleagues … or disagree with their counterparts or the clash of personalities at the point of doing the job (and life) miserable. If the workplace is a positive and pleasant to work, nurses spend. Seems to be a reason for the shooting of resignations. Remember that often spend more hours in the day with colleagues as we do with our own families. Eight hours (or twelve, as is the case) is a much too long to be unhappy.

To survive and thrive in nursing involves more than making it through a change. Includes the feelings that have made a difference in the lives of others. That means they are able to go home feeling good about ourselves and the work we did. And if we have to have some fun along the way, excellent! There is an old song that says “love makes the world go round”, but also laughter and camaraderie. nursing management would do well to follow this advice seriously! Staff turnover is incredibly expensive. nurses new East is the least profitable to allocate resources. Staff retention is key.



As nurses, it also bears some responsibility to ensure our workplace is a pleasant and stimulating environment in which I work. Uplifting each other, supporting each other and get to work with a positive attitude is essential. While we consider the epitome of health professionals, but our personal lives are complex and sometimes hectic. Can often take things too seriously and forget to laugh?

As guardians of dyed wool of mankind, it often feels as if we were responsible for the health and well-being, not only ourselves and our families, but throughout the world and its inhabitants. No wonder we sometimes feel stuck! Nurses deserve to have a friendly and happy at work. If we find that this is not the case, we may have to be the one to address the issue in the coming years meeting.A staff thoughtful proposals for change may be all that is needed. Dear colleagues will thank you for your courage and willingness to “strengthen the base” as long as it happens in a positive way.Work will always work, but there is absolutely no reason why he can not be fun from time to time. And unless those statistics are, you better have fun! Or else!