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Pain Of Cut On The Perineum

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If your medical team decides to perform an episiotomy in the delivery of her child, there are reasons to do so, and what do they do? If you have pain after an episiotomy, why would it be and what can be done about it?

What is an episiotomy? If you had an episiotomy medical team made an incision through the perineum. The reason for conducting this procedure is to make the biggest vagina with the intention of facilitating the birth of his son. This is normally done when the medical team is concerned for his safety during a difficult delivery, prolonged, or concern for the safety of your child. It makes a surgical cut is better than a natural tear would happen if the birth is launched without an episiotomy, for a natural tear will result in an uneven tear is more difficult to sew.

What Are The Possible Complications With An Episiotomy?
Unfortunately there can be complications including:

  • Ongoing pain caused by bruising around the perineum and vagina
  • Incontinence
  • Constipation if the tear reaches the anus
  • Difficulty sitting down

How Do You Know If The Episiotomy Was Carried Out Negligently?

There are many conflicting views on when and whether an episiotomy should be carried out. Many suggest that there is not sufficient evidence that the episiotomy eases the birth of the child. However the main reasons that an episiotomy are carried out are:

  • When the perineum is right causing serious delay in the second stage of labour
  • When it is necessary to accelerate the delivery due to foetal distress
  • When it is needed to ease the delivery in cases of the obstetric emergency of shoulder dystocia (when the baby becomes stuck against the pelvis and pulling the baby out can damage the nerves in the neck)

If an episiotomy is done, when none of these reasons are present, or when otherwise necessary, be entitled to claim medical negligence. You should seek the advice of experts on legal malpractice.