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Patient Safety Is Closely Related To Us

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It took me a while to get back to writing after a nap, which rested my mind that exhausted all the hectic and busy week I had. I’m going for the whole night on the things I learned after the event which took place yesterday in regard to the issue of “patient safety”.

I had a terrible day yesterday and I was shaking when she witnessed my colleague gave him a blow to my client with a steady pace without realizing during the execution of system test device. This result beats my client has deteriorated at a rate of life-threatening “ventricular tachycardia, but is still in a perfusing rhythm at the time but significantly compromised hemodynamics. I guess I would say” defibrillator “is considering a device rescue. Somewhere, this could be a device that can lead to a compromise and fatal if used improperly. Fortunately, we are able to retrieve and save our client after the chemical and electrical cardioversion.

Well, as I said in the medical devices can be a life saving device and can be a device that leads to death. This is evidenced by the data, which showed the prevalence of 0-6% IABP rupture and cause blood clots helium or air. In addition, data also showed that the incidence of lung ischemia, infarction and rupture of the improper placement of pulmonary artery catheter, a significant percentage of the low probability of 0.2%, but there is a high rate mortality up to 50% if it occurred. I would say, sometimes the “tragedy” can be avoided if you maintain a significant knowledge, understanding and knowledge of how to manage them properly. Somehow, most of the time, a lot of people are still neglected in the determination of the facts and information, which can lead to life, while others are in danger.

However, my prediction to say that changed the whole plan and customer management significantly because of this event. This is due to our primary care team ICU Medical believes that the customer is not going well with the weaning and repressed.

The first strategy and management that the projected 24 hours before the morning shift ICU immediately before the event, we expect progress on removal of ECMO cardiac OT organized CTV registrar on call, and basic health care consultant. However, since the VT incident removal plan was to change immediately and decided to do the intensive care unit, rather than the whole team believes that the customer is not stable enough for transport of OT. Somehow, the plan was abandoned explantation has claimed a family matter. Well, this might be my guess, there may be other reasons for changing the plan, which will lead them to decide to explant days in intensive care.

During and after the event, do not approach the colleague in question and talk to him about his actions leading to the rhythm of the patient to be in danger. I understand their feelings, their sense of fear at that time and could not forgive the actions that lead to life-threatening and can be fatal, because I knew it was unintentional and unconscious. Somehow, I’m very disappointed and I do not think I can forgive, she tried to destroy evidence of the pace of the printed web debrillator while rushed to get our drug amiodarone Omicel system of units.

Dear colleague, frankly, I’m not going to test the honesty and integrity? But do not try to cheat me, when it is not yet reached that stage. Even if you have destroyed the evidence, somehow I still can not recall if I wanted to return to the screen. Debrillator Although no data on the memory card, but has an internal summary of the event, which can store up to 300 events and up to 50 seconds to 6 strips.

Again, this is not my intention to lower your self esteem and you demoralized event. I know that if I send the matter to higher authority and management, and want the big hassle. Something I sincerely hope you can make your own thinking and having the self awareness to learn from this accident, consider this event as your learning points and not repeat it.