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Patients Assess Our Nursing Skill Level

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I agree with several nursing journals, one is “Critical Care Nurse” – posted by AACN (American Association of Critical Care Nurses) and I do my best to read all articles for everyone, but honestly, just to the time to browse the store and read articles that relate directly to my career, or items whose title caught my attention.

Every so often comes an article that I love. Heck, I have also known to rip the article and put it in the room the nurses in hospital once or twice. In September 2009 they published an article entitled “Patients’ Perceptions of Nurses’ Skill”. I’ve read and loved. This article discusses factors that we evaluate the level of skills used by patients. As the factors using a number of factors you look at our nursing knowledge and their skills with colleagues?

Nursing practice has three areas that represent the skills, interpersonal thinking, critical and technical. Which of these patients can more easily on our return? Interpersonal, of course. Our patients have very little information on our critical faculties. Bed trying to breathe with stridor after extubation, they know that you are the only recourse doctor epi racemic IV steroids, and heliox because you know the cause of stridor. The same applies to our experience. Of course, we are removing the midline, but do not know the right things to say if the procedure is performed in relation to standards of good practice.All that we see patients in our attitude towards these things. When you make your patient to a doctor of pain, you see that you do so quickly and reliably. The room is reassuring them that things are going well, and to educate them about what is happening. When you drag a center line, you have to explain every step of the patient, reduces the stress level of this procedure and, where appropriate, to discuss another topic to get my mind off of and interest in a person.

I highly suggest reading the article (I’ve attached the PDF below), but the big take-aways for me were:

        Patients describe the characteristics of qualified nurses: a friendly, caring, compassionate,    kind, good listener, confident, it was his mission, well organized, and then through the tasks, he said that they would
        Patients describe the attributes of a qualified nurse as lack of confidence, shyness, answers tough, sharp questions, indecision, frustration and negativity

So I think these terms that patients using the nursing skills to interpret and see the impact on our unit. There are certain group of nurses, who often receive thank you cards, or a small token of appreciation of patients and their families as we look out from the property educated nurses – It seems that this article speaks the truth.

This article helps me remember when my days are terrible, take a deep breath. You get paid for being at work, and these patients / families through a difficult period right now. Relax and do your job, they do not know that you just got to be chewed by a doctor or jerk is confused patient, crawls out of bed and on your last nerve. When you go into space to do something, do it with a smile and take the time to try to link with each of your patients. You will stand out as they remember their hospital stay, and you personally feel better for having a relaxed attitude.

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