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Perineal Care Step By Step For Nurses

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After the birth of a child, many women worry about care for their perineal region, while it heals. Childbirth is a very traumatic event in a woman’s body, often, thus reducing the strength of the pelvic floor muscles, torn or cut in the perineum, and even hemorrhoids. Another problem area perineum after birth is a bloody lochia or discharge of a woman can experience up to six weeks after the birth of a child. Proper care perineal can make these problems under control and promote healing.

Original perineal care after the stitches have been taken and a new mother has cleaned up, focused on the treatment of pain and swelling on the baby’s birth. Nurses apply cooling packs territory, and to provide pain medication if needed. Once the area is swelling went down, the heat applied to promote healing. sitz baths with special tubs that fit in the bowl, so that a woman can easily and comfortably soak in warm water. Many hospitals also provide women with the spray painkillers, which can be applied to painful areas, and foams, which can prevent the itching and swelling, if a woman has had an episiotomy. Hemorrhoids can also cause discomfort after childbirth. The best way to deal with them is to use the witch hazel pads or medications to relieve burning and itching sensations. Drink plenty of fluids, eat lots of fiber-rich foods, or even to take a laxative may also help.

One of the most important steps for the Perineal Care, is to keep clean. Health-pads should be changed regularly. When you use the bathroom, wash the perineal area with water and then dry, from the front in order to prevent the spread of bacteria in the rectum into the vagina and the perineal area. Women should remember to wash your hands thoroughly before and after using the bathroom or change their health from the beginning. The sutures are perineal tear or episiotomy should be dissolved in three weeks. New mothers are still wary by the perineum, the first to arrive after the birth of the first visit with a doctor. Liquids, sprays and powders should not be used in the perineum, and a buffer or showering should be avoided until they are approved by a female doctor.

The right way of perineal care is necessary for healing. It is important that a woman knows how to take good care of her perineum after childbirth, before leaving the hospital. Most hospitals will give all the information and tools, a woman needs, but if a woman has more questions, she should ask her doctor or nurse to take care of her.

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