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Prevention Of Alzheimer’s Disease-The Older People Enjoy Their Twilight Years

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Aging is a natural process in all living organisms. Human beings are naturally insecure about aging. In general, it is assumed that wrinkles and skin problems are the only problems that come with age. However, for someone who has experience in jobs of the CNA, it is evident that vanity is not all that is lost over time. Dementia is now one of the fears of many demons to the aging of the population. This is one reason why people increasingly need greater care centers. This is also why there are many jobs in the CNA.

Dementia is a symptom of old age when the brain of a person losing his cognitive abilities. dementia word itself, “deprived of mind.” Most people relate only amnestic dementia. But it can affect the ability of several other cognitive tasks such as language, attention and problem-solving.

Dementia can be caused by various reasons. Sometimes it can be a traumatic brain injury. But sometimes other medical conditions such as Alzheimer’s disease, Pick’s disease, Wilson and many others can be important causes of dementia. Although various causes of this disease may be a small change in lifestyle can really help to prevent it. Here are some tips to avoid dementia and be able to manage themselves, in the following years:

1.The studies and investigations have been made in respect of dementia. Most of them have shown that an active lifestyle will prevent dementia. People who spend a lot of busy and less likely to suffer from dementia. Activities such as gardening, climbing stairs and other similar activities can help.

2.According to a study of this aspect, the brain loses its cognitive power, when you stop learning new things. Learning is an excellent exercise for the brain, so keep him active doing new things, read a new research and technologies, and acquire new skills.

3.Depression is also one of the main factors that can stimulate the process of aging, both in terms of physical age and mental health. The same is the case of hypertension and stress. Try to stay positive and think good things in your life. This can really reduce the risk of dementia.

4.The right kind of foods and nutrients may help prevent dementia because it can be caused by lack of certain minerals and vitamins. Foods rich in folic acid and antioxidants are a good option. Vegetables and fruits should be part of your regular diet.

5.Keep your mind active is the key to staying healthy. Studies suggest that mental activities such as puzzles and games of this type may help activate the brain cells. But, as mentioned above, the learning process is what helps the most. Try to learn to play guitar or other musical instrument that has never played before. All these activities really help prevent dementia, and help you remain happy and independent until his last breath.

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