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Remember My First Patient Clinics

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I still remember the first clinical patient well. I was a brand new nursing students, never touched the patient, before school, and now he was in my care. He was elderly, but I do not remember her exact age. He was previously the clinical history of more than my management plans, everything that could go wrong with this woman was. End-stage renal disease, hemodialysis. Hypertension, hyperlipidemia, hyper-everything that I remember. And of course depression. More and depression.

I remember reading an article on the amount of depression that goes undiagnosed. It is an impressive number of people. That poor woman, cut into pieces, his brain still works as it should. Lying in a bed. No family. No friends. Only medical people were linked to the real world. Who was I to interfere in this process?

As I come to learn over the two days with this woman. One student was exactly what I needed. My instructor, an Irish woman with a voice that was like a Greek goddess of antiquity. Dimensions below in the unit to her students: “Have you entered the room again … I’m going to chase if you do not stop now “!!!… This woman has changed my life this week and the next six. This is what happened …

I started the week reading the long list of problems with this woman, and immediately began to sweat. Half of these words I could not even pronounce, much less defined. In those days, we write our plans for clinical care, the day before, and I had worked so hard in the mines. However, I was sure it was not ready. How I can get out of bed. Nonverbal communication is, how do we communicate? spirometer? Riiiiigghhtttt … I was petrified.

So I did what any student of nursing and the disabled would. I’m not in the room, instead circling around the unit. slipped in and out of the room. Vital and here, too. The assessment is not done, she slept. Residents of the X-ray reading, which seems more fun. Then I ran.

I walked to find a woman fifteen years in a dark room, shades down, lights off. He was there alone, in silence, eyes open but unfocused. I do not know what to do I went to the side of the bed defined by a practice that still use to this day. See I’ve always been a bit ‘crazy and use sarcasm to drive home points in a good way. I said hello lady .. I’m Phil and I’m scared to death that I do something wrong to you, so if I do, I can tell my instructor, I am sure that the window opens and I can not fly.

Then it happened. See all of my training, I lost points AKA … I was going to learn a valuable lesson. I pulled down the sheets and immediately I knew what was at the AKA. No feet … I knew that my career was over before starting.

The first words as he walked. It was like a story, which first were not sure why, but it turns out that she was so depressed that she had almost given up. Until then, the nursing student was strange to walk around her. I spent the next 4 hours there, listening to stories about stories, laughs with a woman who will not survive this year, but had changed my life.

They are now working on the master. We are talking about my change frequently. I still use humor and sarcasm in my patients. My favorite line of them is: “You know ill in hospital, your family knows you sick in the hospital, I do not need to come here all gloomy and sad to remind you here.” Magic. I hope everyone has a story similar to the “patient” who has changed your life. Cherish and keep as a gift to us on a daily basis. Of course you do.