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Staying With Your Patients Together

January 6, 2011 by  
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Funeral for my very first patient ever was yesterday. I started taking care of him during the first week of my first semester of nursing school. He was a patient palliative care, and I was hired by the family to provide daily care. The family asked me to be a holder of Pall. I almost fell because there were many families are available and I did not know if it was really my place, until his wife told me he said:To carry me Jeff in my grave, I know he would not occur to me. I put a nurse twice a day, 7 days a week for 4 months. I know I gave him the best care possible, but did not really understand the impact that had on not only my patient but the whole family. By participating in the funeral home, I was greeted by a person after person I had ever seen. They all knew my name and thanked me for the excellent care I gave to their grandfather and uncle.

I called Jeff, Don nurse. I tried to tell them that I was not a nurse yet, but when a third person told me, I gave him a better deal than anything they’ve ever seen a nurse, I accepted the title of wearing a nurse I was very friendly and has done better to remain professional. I admit gone too emotionally involved in her we had much in common, and he was my first patient. Don knew nursing school and has never hesitated to give me a practice when his blood pressure, or to hone my skills of physical assessment. All week I have watched her grow closer to death, and only last week that he could not talk to me about horses, or John Wayne movie we watch together.

Tribute was beautiful and gave his daughter, whom I met again for her 80th birthday party. He mentioned my name and says that you can not talk to him without hearing how great it was and how Jeff was the only one that I did not hurt. (He had one foot amputee due to diabetes, and his second leg was severely necrotic. He also had a pressure sore that was close to level 3 when I started to take care of him. He needed a lot of turning and repositioning because he could not get out of bed. I was able to do it completely healed.) He talked about how it was I who made the last day as beautiful as could be, and could not ask for better treatment. I recall that this was in the midst of praise! Yes, I cried, how I could be. I do not agree to tell you what I think I’m a good nurse. I’m not even close to the nurse again. I just wanted to let you know that by teaching us how to care for others. He takes care of most people that a nurse ever could.