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The Anecdote For A Nursing Patient

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One of my personal heroes came into my life the most unexpected manner. I worked as a nursing assistant in a local hospital while going to school full time to become a registered nurse. When I started my job in July 2007, I was new in the field of nursing and totally inexperienced. I work on a telemetry device that tends to be a fast pace and busy with activity. The last year has been full of ups and downs for me since I sailed my way along this path I have chosen for me. UPS tends to compensate for low, especially when it comes to a meeting with a fantastic, unforgettable patient. Such a patient, for me, Mrs. Smith, whom I met in August 2007 when she was a patient in our unit.

Mrs. Smith was a retired nurse, and she lived alone. She had been discharged from hospital for several hours but did not return home and no money for a taxi. My nurse had to offer Mrs. Smith brings home, but that would mean waiting time in hospital a few hours. As I neared the end of my shift, I offered to take the home of Mrs. Smith. On the drive home to Ms. Smith, we had much talk regarding nursing. He hit me entirely appropriate that it was a retired nurse, and I just started my nursing career. At the time, I was still preparing for entrance exams and had not yet been accepted into a nursing program. You will make a wonderful nurse, I know she said as I pulled up in front of his house. We parted with a hug, and I made sure she got in her house before I drove.

Life went on as usual, and that the bill, I began testing on arrival at a local nursing program. Mrs. Smith was a mind in flight difficult things require my attention. I had to move during the holiday season and had just completed the last day before the exam. It would be more than a month before they know if I had been accepted. I was full of nerves, and certainly, even questioning whether I really going to care. Director of my department and my boss pulled me into his office and said he had something to show. He pulled a Christmas card sent to the hospital, but I prepared for payment and a nurse. It was signed on Mrs. Smith. You wrote a Christmas card that I will make a wonderful nurse. Immediately, my mood lifted. I feel my nerves calm and quiet self-doubt.

In January 2008 I was admitted into the nursing program and started the program this spring. During the summer, I feel the strain to keep up with my shift, my volunteer work and school during the week. I felt like I was on the verge of extinction, and yet, I began to wonder whether or not I was right to go into nursing. I was on the transfer and is preparing to take my lunch break, since my nurse stopped me in the hallway. You remember Mrs. Smith from August last year? She is here to visit one of her friends, she said. We both walked quickly down the hall to go see Mrs. Smith.As soon as I entered the door, her eyes lit up and exclaimed: I am so glad you’re here If I’d known you were supposed to come today, I baked you a cake!Tight hug and we hugged and made small talk for a few minutes before I had to apologize. I was hungry and I desperately need to make a cup of coffee before closing. Mrs. Smith said, was to go home, though. I walked in the elevator with him and parted with another hug, as I got to the second floor. I still think it is wonderful to be a nurse, Jennifer, he said before the elevator doors closed between us, I was in the hallway.

Shortly after my lunch hour that day, I entered the hall's west wing on the third floor of a room of my patients. I stopped because I saw Mrs. Smith limped off the elevator and the hallway in the opposite direction, carrying heavy bags of groceries in both hands. Before he could reach it, one of my patients need my help immediately and I had no choice but to put my first patient. After adjusting my patient and comfortable, my phone rang the hospital. He was my nurse told me that Mrs. Smith had to file an angel food cake, Cool Whip, Fresh strawberries, bananas and fresh so we can have strawberry shortcake. Mrs. Smith sneak after she left him, then I could not thank him.

I have a lump in my throat when I realized that Mrs. Smith always appeared when I needed assurance that the journey I am. Once again, I felt peace when I realized that a career in nursing is what has meaning for me. When graduation day finally arrives, Mrs. Smith will be with me in spirit, and I hear her voice whispering:You’re going to have a wonderful nurse, Jennifer. All I gave was to return home, but he came to give me the money more. Mrs. Smith is a hero to me because of its seemingly insignificant gestures inspired me in ways we may never know.