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Therapy Of Cognitive Behavioral

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The concept of cognitive-behavioral therapy is not a new approach. As a former counselor works with different groups of people, I often found that this approach has helped relieve the stress reactions in relation to stressful situations. Although there are different approaches / techniques of cognitive behavioral therapy, I want to spend some time examining an approach that I used in my former practice as a psychiatric nurse and counselor.

I remember that my grad school education consultant in a long time ago, “said my teacher drilled into our heads. … This term was” Stop, Think. “Simple, but soon … and yet very powerful . Why is it so the value is that most people do not do it when times get hard or stressful. Years of stress, often “react and respond ‘… without much thought behind it. This “answer without thinking” is often taken up the higher the stress response during the stressful event or leave us a “crisis” of guilt, which only contributes to increased stress.

The starting point behind the Behavioralism cognitive or CB, the response to a stressful event or action is the result of faulty reasoning or a little discussion at all. Because of poor reasoning, we just have to react or behave badly …. severely restrict our choices. If we had assessed the problems in advance in a systematic way and to apply this new argument during the stressful event, our choice would have been much clearer to us …. and response to stress less.