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What Training For CNA License In Florida Qualifies

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Florida medical industry has a strong need for CNA workers for Long Term Care facilities. To assure the quality of care, the State Board of Nursing in accordance to Florida Statute 456, regulates all health care practitioners including CNAs for their certification, training and discipline.

Requirements to work as a CNA in Florida
* Pass both written and skill CNA State Exam
* A good standing employment record
* Has an active CNA certification
* Physically equipped

Salary Average for Certified Nursing Assistant in Florida
* Between $20,800 to $26,000
* $10.69 per hour typically (Hourly rate will increase by experience)

Training program criteria in Florida
Florida CNA programs must be at least one hundred twenty (120) hours of classroom and clinical training. Some state – approved training programs may differ when it comes to number of hours in classroom and practical training.

Renewing Certification in the State of Florida
To renew CNA Certification in Florida:
(1) A pre-printed recertification form will be mailed out to the CNA 2-3 months prior to your expiration date. If you still do not receive any notice, you may obtain renewal form by contacting Florida Nurse Aide Registry

* Click the Renew My License button
* Login in user ID and password.
* If you do not know your user ID and password, you can log in by answering a set of security questions.
* Once it is done, you may print your renewal notice using the left navigation menu

(2) Requirements to be met:
* You have worked atleast 24 in-service hours during the two-year renewal period. If you do not work any nursing-related duties for the last two (2) years, you cannot renew your certification, your certification will lapse, and you will be required to re-take the State exam to be re-certified.
* You do not need to send any documentation of employment with your renewal form and fee.

(3) Completed form with required documents and fees must be mailed to the address indicated in the form.
To renew Expired CNA Certification in Florida:
(1) Contact Florida Nurse Aide Registry.
(2) If the registry provide form, complete the form with required documents and fees. Mail the form to the address indicated in the form.

Applying for Reciprocity in Florida
If an approved CNA moves to Florida from their home state, applicant must contact the Florida Nurse Aide Registry to obtain a transfer/reciprocity form. An applicant must have an active status and must undergo Level II backgroung check and all desired documents and fee must be submitted to be eligible in State of Florida.

State Contact Information for CNA Certifications
For more detailed information contact them at:

Department of Health

MQA/CNA Program

Tallahassee, Florida

List of State-Approved Training Programs:
One of the most important requirements to become CNA is to be trained in state – approved training programs. Below are a few training programs in the state of Florida.

Brewster Technical Center

Tampa, FL

* Cost is $611.12
* Consist of 165 hours for classroom and clinical training

Chipola College
Marianna, FL
* Cost is $613
* Four (4) course credit with 120 hours both classroom and clinical training

Daytona State College
Daytona Beach Campus
Daytona Beach, FL

* Cost is $747.15 includes:
o DSC Assessment Fee
o DSC Access Fee
o Liability Lab Fee
o Graduation Fee
o Ceil Blue Uniform
o White Uniform Shoes
o Watch with Seconds Hand
o Skills Lab Kit
o FDLE Backgroung Check
o NACEP Exam Fee

* 5.5 credit and 164 hours both classroom and clinical training
Gulf Coast Community College
Panama City, Florida

* Cost is $418.88 (other fees not included)
* 5.5 credit hours per semester

Indian River State College
Fort Pierce, Florida

* Cost is $1050 (room and board, transporation and miscellaneous fee is not included)
* Consist of 165 hours of classroom and clinical training per semester

Lake City Community College
Lake City, Florida

* Cost is $1137.90 includes:
o Additional Fee
o Liability Insurance
o Textbook
o CPR Class
o CPR Book
o Health Insurance
o Certification Exam
o Background and Drug Screen
o Uniform
o Watch
o Shoes
o School Supplies
o Admission Fee

* 4.16 credit hour with 125 hours of classroom and clinical training