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Nursing Assistant Cover Letter Sample

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5 Things You Can Do Wrong in Your Cover Letter: If you’re looking for a job, and your phone is not ringing off the hook for job interviews, it’s probably because of the cover letter: there at least 5 things you can do wrong in your cover letter. Once you turn your reader off, you have sabotaged your interview chances, for this document is the first contact that you will have with the potential employer, even before he/she reads your resume, even before you are called in for an interview. Therefore, it is important that you take the time to craft your document well to ensure that it avoids the following pitfalls:

The “me” focused letter – These are self-centered and over use the words “I”, “my”, and me. Always shift your focus back to the employer.

The rambler – This one goes on forever and could be cut by a third. If you bog the employer down in the type, he/she will stop reading. Aim for conciseness and short sentences. Edit your work.

The careless letter – Bad grammar, misspellings, poor format, or incomplete sentences show your inattention to detail and lack of consideration of the reader. They portray you as sloppy, illiterate and unprofessional. Again, edit your work.

The arrogant letter – Writers of this type of letter are already plotting to take over the company before the interview. They have a grandiose sense of their accomplishments and value to the company. It’s better to be more conversational, realistic and down to earth in your cover document. Authenticity sells better than pomposity.

The “please don’t hire me” cover letter – This is the opposite of arrogant cover letter. Writers of this document draw attention to what they can’t do, as opposed to what they can. Realistically sell your value to the employer.

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Dear Mr. /Mrs. Last Name,

I am writing this cover letter in reference to the advertisement that came out in the XYZ newspaper for the full time position of a Certified Nursing Assistant. I am even ready to relocate for this position.

As you can see in the enclosed resume, I have a very strong academic background in nursing combined with over five years work experience in health and medical care. My recent internship at ABC location allowed me to further develop and strengthen my communication skills. I believe that I could make a significant and valuable contribution in your firm.

I would appreciate the opportunity to discuss how my education and experience will be helpful to you. I will be contacting you tomorrow morning on phone to talk about the possibility of arranging an interview.

Thank you for your time and consideration.



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