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Nursing Cover Letter – Tips and Tricks

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The key to landing an awesome nursing job is to write an outstanding nursing cover letter. Some people do not care much about the cover letter presentation and take it lightly. But the reality is that, nursing cover letter is one of those most important sales tools that help you get selected for the job post. If you want the prospective employer to prefer your resume over others’, then a well-written and well-worded cover letter is what you need.

Two chief objectives of a nursing cover letter are:

  1. Make the potential employer eager to read your resume.
  2. Make your personality shine through the cover letter so as to attract the employer’s attention and arrange an interview.

A first-class cover letter is similar to a sale arena targeting a particular market. You, here, are the product and an effort should be made to sell yourself in the job market. A good nursing cover letter is that which gives insight to the employer about your personality. In order to achieve this, there must be a personal touch to the job application.

Some other tips to write a remarkable cover letter include:

  1. Avoid writing a generic cover letter. Instead, personalize it.
  2. A bit of bragging won’t hurt.
  3. Research on the job post before submitting the application.
  4. The key is to keep the letter sweet and short.
  5. You can do away with clichés and use different language than making use of commonly used adjectives such as “Multitasker” or “Team Player”.

A well drafted nursing cover letter can be the start of a rewarding nursing profession. Below is what you can make use of as a cover letter:

Audrey Odoms
733 Spring St Toledo,
OH (Ohio)
(419) 726-8737
Sep 9th, 2011

Pauline Ziegler
Human Resources Department
City Hospital
1414 E Bowen Ave
Bismarck, ND(North Dakota)

Dear Ms. Ziegler 
During my tenure in General Hospital, I learned that the nursing profession demands qualities such as creativity, caring nature, patience and trustworthiness. I believe I possess all these qualities and more that is expected from a dedicated nurse. I would like to work with your esteemed institute and demonstrate the same.

I have experience working in all major departments such as Emergency unit, Psychiatric Health department, CCU and ICU. I used to work in rotating shifts in all the mentioned departments and this gave me the opportunity to understand the hospital setting better. It also enabled me to work interdependently as well as independently with different teams. The medical knowledge that I have gained gave me with chance to aid registered nurses in managing direct patient care and serving patients by helping them perform every day activities for living.

I also participated in a number of staff expansion programs while working as an intern. That helped me broaden my awareness of latest trends and advancement in the medical arena.

I have full confidence that my diverse experience and understanding of nursing measures will let me contribute to your hospital in a significant manner. I am looking forward to our meeting in which we can discuss how I can be an asset to City Hospital. I would be grateful if the meeting can be arranged as soon as possible.


Nursing Cover Letter – Tips and Tricks

Nursing Cover Letter – Tips and Tricks