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CNA Salaries In South Florida – You Can Survive

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Living in South Florida is certainly a challenge …. cost of living is ridiculous here. Besides the cost of living, I have some extra tickets, but nothing there anyone here who crazy.Is worked as CNA and can give me the approximate starting salary for a new (inexperienced) CNA? says the average is $ 12.50/hour but it seems a bit out of me (from what I read in the forum CNA). If anyone in South Florida who has worked as a CNA might give me a general idea of salary, I’d definitely take a look / offer .. I would be grateful. I would like to help me a lot when I’m preparing for school.

It is clear that much of the answer to this question Rely on your expenses: car note? rent mortgage payments /? Insurance? Credit?You can make a small difference night / weekend. You may have to reduce unnecessary things, such as restaurants and other non-essential. When there is a will there is a path and there is only one year. Note also that the loan is not out of question. I made $ 30.00 an hour when I came back for my RN to BSN and earned credit. So you can get a loan to pay at least your books and tuition, and perhaps a little more.

This salary is realistic. I am CNA and obtain their RN degree this December. This was the most complete three years of my life. I do not know about the program greater, but mine was / is very, very intense, and I only worked weekends. Class or clinic 4-5 days a week not long ago to work. Fortunately, the ease of work for has a program where if you work three shifts per week, pay for 4. Otherwise, probably wouldnt be able to. It was very frustrating for me because I have searched and searched for grants, scholarships, government aid, etc, and we find very little help. Of course, I am a single man without children. I was told that if I had children, then I would have all the help he needed.

But as Titi, where there is a will there’s a way, and I am now 11 weeks from graduation. God willing, I will pass the NCLEX the first time and eventually make money. Most facilities are more than willing to accommodate nursing students, and the CNA, which should not have too much trouble there, especially if you work nights. Temporary employment agencies often pay much more than it has been established in order to check these too.