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Florida CNA Exam

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I tried the use in hospitals for office work and seems to have some difficulty finding a job. I decided to “challenge” the review of the CNA, with the hope of giving me a place. I took a lot of practice exams out of line and was very successful, but I’m a little worried about the skill of the review.

During my review of the skills we needed to do the following skills: Alone / Together: Vital signs (manual) exercises / ROM / Discuss feeding techniques / hand.

The resident, transfer (x1 gaitbelt help c) / dress and undress / shower / Peri care.

I recently challenged the government, but I was in nursing school for a year. And I just went over the checklist.I had to wash by hand, relaying patient’s pulse and respirations, and hair and nail care is another subject tested. He had to perform dental work (which has to brush my teeth!) Transfer the patient, and emptying a catheter bag, too.I thought it was easy, but I know that the rest of their stress. So if you feel comfortable enough.

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