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A Well Paying Job-Being A Nurse

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Attention! If you do not want to work, do not go to school to become a Licensed Practical Nurse. It sounds bad when I say so, but it’s actually a good thing. If you are the type of person who enjoys helping people and have a strong stomach, you’ll always have a good paying job.

Why say that? Well, the thing is that a nurse, especially LPNs and disks are needed in almost all aspects of the health care industry. Thanks to our generation of baby boomers are aging hospitals and nursing homes over the next decade will be more and more crowded. Of course, with growth in patients, there is a growing need for health professionals to care for sick and elderly.

In addition, hospital equipment There are many more jobs for LPNs and LPs. This is a huge need for professionals in the home wants to deal with the elderly. LPNs other areas are also necessary medical office, hospital, schools, temporary agency nurses, travel nurses and government agencies. As you can see the choices in the workplace is scarce.

So, besides the many options of places and ways of working as a nurse in the nursing profession is expected to grow so much? The truth is that the insurance industry and Medicaid has no other avenue left. As baby boomers grow older person has to worry about them. An important fact is that insurance companies and Medicaid, with the exception of individual cases does not cover the cost of home care or home care. Average cost of home care or home is about $ 35,000 a year. So if Medicaid and insurance will not pay then who is? The sad truth is that many families out there who want to take care of parents or siblings can not afford and are forced to put there for elderly long-term facility care, where Medicaid covers the costs.

So what does it mean for a nurse. This means that, frankly, your job is safe for the next two decades. This also means that assisted living facilities and long-term care to make a killing in the decades to come.

Put your personal feelings aside and look at the business side of things … If you get with the right company at the ground floor, you could be in a large number of salary increases in your future. If you want to do some calculations yourself … For assisted living averaged $ 35,000 x 100 residents in an assisted living center = $3.5 million per year. So take what you know about your living facility and know what your facility does. Also remember that it is only average. If you work in a high class establishment, they are probably charging double the price.

If you wan to calculate how much a full time long-term care facility is bringing in… the average annual cost is $80,000. Times that by 100 residents and you have $8,000,000 in income a year.

How much do you pay? What will you be paid? Trust me, if you have taken the decision to become a LPN or NP you are going to make good money in the coming years. You made a good choice for your future and your future family.