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Latest Free Career Advice For Nursing 2011

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A nurse in South Carolina with experience of more than 10 years has a qurestion here. She said she is a registered nurse, not a nurse yet. She is currently a BSN degree through the LPN to BSN program offered by the University of Indiana State University.

This “bridge” program is relatively new and has little in common with the programs offered by the so-Regent’s in New York. She anticipate completion of all degree requirements in 10 months and will be eligible for the board, at the same time.

Do you have the opportunity to LPN or business that is affiliated to restrict their clientele exclusively for nurses? Thanks for any info you may have!

My company is not working LPNs, but it is a question much more for RNs at the moment. I think the best thing to do is to contact a large agency staff and ask them to provide customers that meet the search criteria. I will not use this site as a marketing tool. I would prefer to give unbiased, objective opinion from what I know in the industry. In this way you know that I’m not selfish, and really try to help.

Hello! I try to move the mass in Charlotte, North Carolina, and begin to walk by all the different jobs there. The first question, I can expect $ 45,000 a year? I know that the cost of living is much cheaper there, something has to be cheaper than the second issue of communication, I can find a place to live first (I’m thinking of buying a house) or if I can get a first job?

$ 45K seems reasonable for this region, but it really depends on your experience. Regarding the purchase of the house is concerned, I continue until you accept a position. I know a nurse who was determined to move to a new company. Then she moved there before setting a position for themselves. Unfortunately, the nurse did his homework and found out after buying his house there was an AI program in a local community college.

There was no finding jobs in their area because the market was saturated with nurses. So, finding the first job and then worry about a home. I can assure you that you get the number of hours you need to run it. Some institutions are understaffed and nurses send home.

I know … It seems incredible to a national shortage, and all … but there are some pockets in the country where there are too many nurses. For example, I heard that the entire state of Minnesota is experieincing a surplus of nursing.