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Liability Insurance of Nursing

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Nursing liability insurance is simply malpractice protection. Some employers offer this type of insurance to their nurses, but there are a number of nurses that choose to purchase their own liability insurance for their own protection.

While some employers offer nursing liability insurance, the policies under it may still be limited. For instance, they may not be able to cover private-duty activities and off-duty incidents. In other cases, the insurance may also not take effect once the nurse transfers to another hospital, even if he or she is still involved in a case that concerns an activity made for his or her past employer. All these things make nurses susceptible to lawsuits and this is the reason why several nurses choose to invest in their own nursing liability insurance.

Nursing liability insurance typically offers claims that may amount to as much as a million dollars. Aside from this, there are also other components that make such insurances attractive. The first is personal protection. This insures the owner of liability damages that may result from work outside his or her employer’s premises. There is also personal injury protection that safeguards the owner from charges relating to slander, libel, and assault arising from the practice of the nursing profession.

Medical payments are also being offered for work-related injuries that occur in the clinic or household of the owner. Such reimbursements may amount to as much as two thousand dollars per person.

Other services are being offered together with nursing liability insurances. First, the insurance is effective on a 24 x 7 basis. This means that the owner is protected even after work hours. Legal representation is also available whenever the situation calls for such. For nurses who travel abroad, some nursing liability insurances also offer worldwide coverage.

Discounts are also given to certain groups of individuals. Student nurses may be given a discount of as much as $30 a year. Those who are new graduates may also be given a certain discount percentage. Other discount groups are retirees who still have valid licenses with them and nurses who took risk management courses.

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