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Nurse Assistant Malpractice

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Nurse’s aide or CNA graduate, worked as an assistant to nurses in hospitals or clinics. They work closely with patients and are responsible for basic care such as bathing, toileting, moving and feeding patients. They also help the nurses with medical equipment and patient vital signs monitor. Although they do not have the same responsibilities as doctors and nurses is still capable of causing harm to patients if they do their work carelessly or negligently. CNA only required to have a high school diploma or general education and achieving a 6 to 12 weeks Certificate Program CNA – which is usually completed at a community college or a medical facility. When the program is finished, they can work directly with patients.

While CNA is not involved in the diagnosis or direct treatment of patients who continue to work closely with patients are fragile and can cause injury or death. This is especially true with patients should be treated with care to avoid injury, such as patients in intensive care unit or in shelters. One of the main tasks of the ANC is moving patients or help patients. Patients who are weak or brittle bones, in particular, can suffer a lot of rough handling by the NAC. CNA negligence occurs usually due to:

  • The rough handling of patients
  • Failing to be sanitary by washing hands frequently and changing gloves between patients
  • Failing to respond to a patient’s requests

Anyone who works with patients in a hospital must be regarded as the same high level of patient care. To learn more about Malpractice Insurance.