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What Is The Difference Between NSO and HPSO?

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Nurses Service Organization (NSO) is the nation’s largest provider of nurses professional liability insurance coverage, with over 650,000 nursing professionals insured in the program today.

Healthcare Providers Service Organization (HPSO) offers medical malpractice / professional liability insurance and risk management information for physical therapists, pharmacists, EMT’s, dental hygienists, athletic trainers, medical assistants, nurses, nurse practitioners and many other healthcare professionals.

Healthcare Providers Service Organization (HPSO) has over 30 years experience in providing healthcare providers with insurance solutions and now provides coverage to over 70 healthcare professions. HPSO, along with Nurses Service Organization, provides close to 1 million individual healthcare providers throughout the United States with professional liability insurance and risk management information.

Unfortunately, I live in a state that has the highest malpractice insurance rates and the lowest coverage limits in the nation. Texas no longer offers the $1 million coverage for about $100 per year. Now, it costs about $230 per year to receive about $200,000 worth of coverage. No other state charges these outrageous permiums for such low limits. Even litigious states such as California and Florida have kept their malpractice insurance premiums reasonable.

I’m aware that a Texas jury awarded a plaintiff a truly whopping settlement of $268 million in a malpractice case. Also, the Rio Grande Valley is the most litigious region of Texas, with 74 percent of all the physicians having been sued. Even though I do not live in the Rio Grande Valley, the occurrences in one part of the state can affect us all financially.