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Background Checks For Hiring CNA At Home

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Agencies always do to charge high when you try to hire CNA at home, but you still need to do necessary work to meet the requirement. The Background Checks would be the hard one.

I am now researching how to hire my own private cna’s. What kind of background checks do you do? I know I need to check references but we all know those can be easily fabricated.

What else should I do to check credentials and keep safe? I could require them to bring a copy of their police report from their current town where they live, that would show criminal activity from that current state, but what if they were a mass murderer from another state? :confused:

To obtain a nationwide criminal check, wouldn’t that have to be done by the FBI? What do you require when you hire outside help to come into your home?

Both my husband and I are disabled and we feel like we are sitting targets! Not a good feeling at all. 😥 I am really dreading this and sometimes I feel like just giving up. Struggle struggle struggle!!! 😡 🙁 :zombie: 😉

I’ve never needed to hire an aide, but I can understand your concern. Get information about their latest employers and call them. You can then double check their SS# and ask what address of residence is listed in the employees records. It also probably wouldn’t hurt to ask about problems such as tardiness, or excessive time taken off of work.

I would request that they bring you a copy of their DMV printout, and current vehicle registration. Also, where they live, landlord, and length of time lived at that address. If it is less than a few years, I would request their previous residence & landlord information. Also, check court records in the county where they live, or used to live for dui, or drug arrests/charges.

There are many companies that do background checks on the internet for under $50 dollars. It might not hurt to use one of them, but don’t just stop at that. Check on your own as much as possible. You might be surprised what you can find out by just “googling” a person’s name.